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Travel the World Project

No description

Maya Laquian

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Travel the World Project

Travel the World Project
by Maya Laquian

Sights of Interest in the Philippines
Location: Apalit, Pampanga Province
Notes: I want to visit Pampanga Province because this is where my grandfather grew up. Apalit is a first class city in the Province of Luzon.
Location: Manila, Philippines
Notes: Manila is the bustling Capital of the Philippines. While I am there I will visit Intramuros region of the Capital. This is where the Spanish settled when they colonized the Philippines and is also where my grandma grew up.
Sights of Interest in Australia
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Notes: Melbourne is a coastal city in Australia located in the state Victoria. Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and also in Oceania.
Location: Melbourne, Australia - Great Ocean Road
Notes: Often acclaimed as the most stunning road and view in Australia.
Location: Canberra, Australia
Notes: Canberra is the capital city of Australia and surrounded by greenery.
Transportation Overview
Places to Visit
I will be visiting the Philippines and Australia! In the Philippines I am looking forward to experiencing the culture, language and food that my dad and his family grew up in. I am looking forward to visiting the areas where my grandparents grew up during the Second World War as they are very different from the circumstances I grew up in. In Australia I am looking forward to experiencing the beautiful beaches, learning how to surf and also picking up some of the culture.
I will be flying from Vancouver (YVR) to Manila (MNL) and then also flying from Manila (MNL) to Melbourne (MEL). On my return trip, I will be flying from Melbourne (MEL) to Vancouver (YVR). The airline for all three flights is Philippine Airlines. The total cost for all the tickets is 2124$.
Vancouver to Manila
leaves Vancouver at 5:15am on Friday, July 1st and arrives in Manila at 9:45 am. This is an overnight flight
Manila to Melbourne
leaves Manila on Thursday July 21st at 9:15am and arrives in Melbourne at 7:20 am.
Melbourne to Vancouver (return trip)
Leaves Melbourne at 9am on Sunday, July 31st and lands in Manila at 3:35pm. Then there is a 23h 25 minute layover and the flight to Vancouver leaves at 3:00pm and arrives at YVR at 12:20om
I will be taking a taxi from Manila to Apalit in the Philippines which will cost approx 35$ or 70$ round trip.
I will be taking a greyhound bus from Melbourne to Canberra for 56$ or 112$ round trip
Three Day Plan!
For my three day plan I will be in Melbourne Australia
Day 1 - Melbourne
Day 2 - Manila Philippines
Day 3
Stuff to Bring
Things I will need to buy
Planning Ahead!
Travel Insurance:
Budget Breakdown: total cost - 5778.79
Cost (dollars)
Plane cost (All of the flights included.
Bus to Apalit (round trip)
Bus to Canberra (Round trip)
Accommodation in Manila
Accommodation in Apalit
Accommodation in Melbourne
Accommodation in Canberra
Passport - 140
Travel Insurance - 110
2124 dollars
70 dollars
112 dollars
1337.98 (Manila Microtel Mall of Asia)
617 (Sir Nico Guesthouse and Resort)
152.82 (Miami Hotel Melbourne)
114.99 (Dickson central hostel Canberra)
1000 Canadian for food
140 dollars
110 dollars
Backpack (60 liters to fit all of the belongings I will need throughout the trip).
Clothes and undergarments
Sunscreen and bug spray
Comfortable shoes for walking and flip flops for the beach
Sun hat and sun glasses
According to RBC my travel Insurance for a 30 day trip beginning on July 1st and ending on July 31st would cost 111.00 Canadian Dollars. The Insurance would cover Emergency Medical, Flight and Travel Accident, Baggage and Personal Effects, and Trip Interruption after departure.
For a five year adult Canadian passport (aged 16 or over) the cost will be 120 dollars. On top of the cost for the passport there is an additional service fee is 20 dollars which allows the passport to be picked up on or after 10 business days.
You need a tourist visa to visit Australia
A visa is not required to visit the Philippines
Accommodation: Miami Hotel Melbourne
Go to the beach (Bus to Saint Kilda beach)
Practice surfing
Eat dinner at Lanna Thai which is located near the hostel
Accommodation: Manila Microtel Mall of Asia
Explore the culture of Manila and go visit family friends.
Eat at Goldilocks restaurant (My favorite Filipino restaurant chain)
Experience the ocean and the beautiful views from my hotel
transportation: Walking
Accomodation: Manila Microtel Mall of Asia
Malacanang Palace (Official Residence of the Filipino President, this is also where my grandfather and grandmother lived while my grandfather was chief of staff for the President.
Transportation: Bus (SM Fairview and Alabang - Quiapo) and walking
Restaurant: La Fiesta (within walking distance of hotel)
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