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Presenting with Prezi

Learn the basics of presenting with Prezi.

Laura Osterhout

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Presenting with Prezi

Under the surface
Kourtney Blackburn
July 9, 2013

Be willing to stray from your plan.
Best Practices
Visual presentation software (online and desktop)

Can be interactive and collaborative

Great for school, work, and home
PC/Mac: Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Different account levels: http://www.prezi.com/pricing
The Lowdown on Prezi
Use tools to emphasize, not dazzle or dizzy your audience.
Plan before you Prezi:
Consider your audience/purpose
Content organization
Start out simple, then add detail.
1. Group information/topics into "frames"
Mind-mapping, sketching, lists, etc
Get to know keyboard shortcuts.
Remember, Prezi takes time to use.

Click object or group and use hand icon to drag around canvas
If you can't edit an object, zoom in or out and try again.
Working with Objects/Content
Presenting with Prezi
Importing from PowerPoint
Use scroll tool on your mouse
Hover over right-hand side for "home"/ zoom buttons
Click a frame and "Zoom to Frame"
Click view in pathway panel

Using the Transformation Tool
Create a "pathway":
Click pencil button to edit path and exit
Add current view or click + on a group/object
Drag "views" to reorder
Buttons from home screen & edit screen
In person: using arrows or auto-play
Online: using share button

Smart-Zoom in Presentation Mode:
Click a frame to zoom in; click off to zoom out
For fielding questions/ navigating during a presentation
& Presenting
Prezi changes often!

To import:
Insert (like image, video)
Locate PowerPoint

Importing from PowerPoint
Can be efficient
Good for beginners
Sometimes defeats the purpose of Prezi

The Last Sample PowerPoint Slide

Such as bulleting, font, and colors are often lost.

General slide organization is present

Lots of Formatting

Kourtney Blackburn

My Sample PowerPoint

To collaborate with others:
Click "Share" button and "Invite to Edit"

Great for team projects at work/home/school

Can be simultaneously or independently edited

2. Sketch your Prezi on paper
Consider size/importance, flow, etc.
3. Select a template or customize your own

Click where you want to insert text, or
Use Prezi Editor

Click on object to resize with transformation tool
Double-click object to open and edit text

Group Together (ctrl+click):
On top of a shape or within a frame
You can ungroup if needed
Click object so blue frame appears, hover mouse over corner and rotate with curved arrow
Click, hold, and drag your mouse

Prezi Tips
Today's Goal:
Familiarize yourself with Prezi Basics

for a more engaging presentation
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