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Crutch Basket

No description

Jacob Shneiderman

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Crutch Basket

Crutch Basket
Created by Jacob Shneiderman and Caleb Silverman

Look at Caleb Struggle
The Problem
People on crutches basically use their hands as their feet. They use their arms to operate the crutches so they are mobile. So what do they do if they want to carry something with their hands?
Look at Him Go
The Solution
Using our invention, people can carry textbooks, lunches, computers, and other items without struggling!
We first took two wooden dowels, and put them into the crutch holes. Then we made a piece to connect the dowels to the basket, and then we added the basket. Now, the basket is attached to the wooden dowels with Velcro. This works a lot better.
Look at him trying carry these 4 books! He can't!
Now he can move and carry his stuff at the same time with this amazing invention!
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