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Jerry Spinelli

Micah Francis

Mark Andrew

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli Maniac Magee The main character is Jeffrey Magee A.K.A Maniac Magee. Jeffrey Magee ran away from his grandparent's house, mourning his parents killed in a train wreck driven by a drunk conductor. He was always on the run and ran into the East end and West end a lot. A book by Jerry Spinelli Summary: Maniac Magee runs into the West end and East end. Along the way he meets: Amanda Beale, Mars Bar Thompson , John , and makes a nice friend named Grayson who doesn't know how to read. Grayson and Maniac have good times together. Until....Well, you'll just have to find out. Maniac's Traits Maniac Magee is fast, he gets away from a gang that chased him
Brave and Kind, because he slept in a zoo and played with Hester and Lester. Intelligent, because he fixes yoyo strings and reads. Maniac Magee is also happy, at times when he is with people that like him. Most of all, Maniac is lonely, because he never stays anywhere too long Some actions other characters had towards Maniac Magee were mainly caring. For instance, Mrs. Beale takes him in and treats him like one of her real kids. If I could rate this book i'd give it a 7 out of 10. :) I think it had a nice ending. It didn't leave me hanging, and thats okay because it felt complete. Maniac Magee spends most of his time on the run, although he spends a few nights in the house holds of the: Beales, Thompsons, and the McNabs, they were only temporary. I have told you that Jeffrey Magee meets these people. Maniac Magee is an expert at knot untying. HE untied Cobbles Knot and untied knots in yoyo strings. Jerry Spinelli enjoyed playing cowboy as a kid. Once he grew older he competed in a track event that he won. He wanted to be a shortstop, not knowing he would become a writer. Short Bio of Jerry
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