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Claudia de La Hoz

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of EXTREME SPORTS

By : Claudia de la hoz & Lucia Nieto
What are they?
Extreme sports is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger.
There are however several characteristics common to most extreme sports.
Extreme sports are rarely sanctioned by schools.
Extreme sports tend to be more solitary than traditional sports.
In addition, beginning extreme athletes tend to work on their craft without the guidance of a coach.

Thank you!
The main reason why people enjoy doing extreme sports is the satisfaction they get out of challenging themselves and being victorious in the end.
Many people my argue that money, fame and probably an inflated ego is what determines extreme sports passionate do what they do.
Highlining is basically rope walking, but at a much higher altitude. In this extreme sport the highliner has to walk from one point to the other on an inch-wide rope, and has no support besides a safety harness that is tethered to the rope.
The sport shares many similarities with skydiving but differs in the context of height of the jump. When the jumpers fall off a fixed structure, they are not left with much time to pull the parachute and ensure a safe landing as compared to when they jump off a plane for a sky dive.
BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races on purpose-built off-road single-lap race tracks. The track usually consists of a starting gate for up to eight racers, a groomed, serpentine, dirt race course made of various jumps and rollers and a finish line.
They provide rules for sanctioning the conduct of the flying.
Free soloing or Free solo climbing is an extreme sport that is similar to rock climbing, but without safety ropes, harnesses, protective gears or any supportive devices.
In this sport, climbers need to be able to maintain intense concentration to prevent themselves from falling. They must also be able to support their body weight using just fingers and toes, making the whole experience a physically demanding one.
Wingsuit flying is a sport that involves flying through the air with a wingsuit. It has been ever-present since the beginning of the 20th century.
The ‘birdman’ suit increases the surface area of the jumper by using the fabric between the legs and the arms, allowing him/her to experience a significant lift while flying.The flight ends with the deployment of a parachute, so the wingsuit can be guided to the end destination safely.
Some people believe that some Extreme Sports have became much more popular in recent years because the idea of risk is appealing to people that are "bored" of living safe life. As this sports have became more well known, they have joined the mainstream sports market, greatly increasing their popularity.
October 2015
American Johnny Strange, 23, crashed into the ground and died after jumping from a 2,000-metre summit in the Swiss canton of Uri. (wingsuit jumping)
Stephen Murray – 2007
The injury happened when Murray could not fully rotate his bike for a full backflip, resulting in a crash-landing directly on his head. The crash instantly broke his neck, as he even stopped breathing. Murray is paralyzed from the shoulders down. (bmx racing)
Antoine Montant – 2011
Antoine Montant, age 33, was a French professional BASE jumper and extreme sports icon. The accident happened in the Fiz mountain range of the French Alps when Montant’s parachute failed to open upon jumping, thus falling thousands of feet to his tragic death. (base jumping)
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