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Transcript of Charity

Why do people give to charity?
My aims for charity and for the future
To conclude, I want to say that my main aim is to work and to do charity in future. While I'm working I'm doing charity. It means in future I will work and give my help to other people as I can. I hope this aim will be your aim to.
Group's aims
I will open sites for charity which can help people
I can make a difference
Change the world tomorrow!
Charitable organizations in the world
I am a volunteer
To help others , not necessarily to be strong
and rich , that's enough
being a good person
Volunteer is the most
charitable profession
1) I will open a group with volunteers
2) We will help to children, elders, disabled people, orphans.
The group will call UVK:
United volunteers of Kazakhstan
Open your eyes
Our group will creat for those people who are valuntarily willing to help. And to give a piece of love and light to those who need it.
On VK , I'll open a group that
The purpose of VK group "We can help you" - help the needy. Every time we put on page a family or person in care, we will help them from more people in VK. We will help to elders, children, orphans, disabled people.
I want to protect
Kazakhstan's children
Change the world tomorrow!
We will open a fund that calls
In this fund, volunteers can donate with money.
money give to needy people
If you give more, you'll get more
In this day, we will give clothes, toys , food, to elders, to orphans and to disabled people
After gaining volunteers...
WE will pass the meeting once a week.
Types of charities
1) Money
2) In-kind donations
3) Sponsorships
4) Estate Gifts
It’s not for money, it’s not for fame
And it’s not for any personal gain.
It’s just for love of fellow man.
It’s just to lend a helping hand.
It’s just to give a tithe of self.
That’s something you can’t buy
with wealth.
It’s not the medals worm with pride.
It’s just for that feeling deep inside.
It’s that reward down in your heart.
It’s feeling that you’ve been a part
of helping others far and near
That’s what makes you a volunteer

Why be a volunteer?
What is charity?

Charity is quite popular nowadays. People have become more open and kind-hearted. On the whole, charity means voluntary giving of help to those who are in need. Charitable giving can include the act of giving money, goods, time, attention and kindness to the unfortunate. Most forms of charity mean providing basic items of necessity, such as food, water, clothing, shelter, healthcare and else. There are so many charitable organizations in the world today. They allow people to donate either directly or online, through websites. Charitable organizations also include orphanages, food banks, religious institutes and hospitals for the poor. Donating things, you don’t use anymore is one of the forms of charity.
Charity is to give to others that which belongs to you. When you give to charity you experience happiness. Do you know why? Because when you let go of the one thing that you love the most, you get happiness because you give happiness to others. For most people that one thing, is money.

• Solidarity with the objectives of the Fund (the volunteer activities aimed at achieving common objectives and does not contradict its principles);
• Voluntary (no one can be forced to act as a volunteer);
• Involvement in the Fund's projects (we are all - one team);
• Gratuitousness (the volunteer work is not paid, however, may be offset by the costs of volunteer associated with its activities);
• Integrity (volunteer, who has assumed the obligation to perform a particular job, should bring it to the end)

“Baurzhan” Charitable Foundation – steadily growing public organization whose primary aim is to make philanthropy efficient. Fund makes favorable conditions for philanthropy development in Kazakhstan and assists non-government organizations and benefactors who support Fund.

Altyn Zhurek - Annual public and national award in the field of charity. The award was established in 2007 by the Charitable Fund "Baurzhan" and is the only award that celebrates commercial organizations and individuals for the implementation of charitable programs and projects in Kazakhstan. For this reason, it may become the winner of absolutely anyone whose indifferent and Golden Heart became an example the highest form of humanity and goodness.
"Kind-hearted friends" organization
Our volunteers held a fair, sold some delicious cookies and school equipment. The collected money we gave to our school’s sociologist. He knows who needs money. We must communicate with our sociologist to help needy in future.

After graduating from school, student time, I will open an organization with volunteers that will help children, elders, disabled people and orphans. The organization will call UVK: United Volunteers of Kazakhstan. This will create for those people who are voluntarily willing to help. And to give a piece of love and light to those who need it. We will open a fund which volunteer can donate money, and we will hold auction. Raising money give to needy people, orphanage and nursing home. Volunteers will delight kids with fun games, unusual tricks and show bubbles. These are not just my plans, but my future aims. I want to see all people to be happy.

As the representative of Amankeldi school’s kind-hearted friends’ committee. I will be very active to consider providing sponsorship for our event. If my school is agreeable, I’ll put sponsor’s name on banners along the school. This sponsorship will help needy people. This is my main aim.
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