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Greek Mythology

No description

Emely Pazos

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology
to join in a Dionysian frenzy or celebration
By: Emely Pazos
Another Myth
Importance of Myths
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An Olympian god of wine, festivals and pleasure. Popular among gods and mortals that had many festivals over the year, in his honor. Traveled a lot to steer away from Hera's harassment and taught many people along his way how to make wine out of grapes.
Myth: Wandering Around
the Bacchic ritual
While traveling to Thebes, Dionysus came in contact with a man called Pentheus, who dismissed the god and prevented all the women from meeting and partying with Dionysus. Therefore, he disguised himself as a woman and lured Pentheus to a Bacchic ritual which lead to him being tied to a tree and get torn to pieces by the women.
Going to Attica to celebrate a new king, Athens. Icarius welcomed Dionysus, who taught him how to make wine. Icarius offered locals a taste of this wine, which made them think it was poisoned therefore they killed him. Buring the body the next day, the daughter of Icarius was able to unearth it, hanging herself afterwards. Dionysus was enraged, creating a drought in Athens and made the women suffer a frenzy which caused them to hang themselves. As a result, the Athenians offered to celebrate the deaths of both, Icarius and Erigone each year.
Background info and Facts
work cited
Importance of Myths
Each myth shows how Dionysus was a god, whether he punished or celebrated among the locals. For the first myth, it showed the wrath of his revenge, along with the second one. It also included how he cared for others like the new King of Athens and his daughter.
- The son of Zeus and Semele (daughter of Cadmus)

- Hera, wife of Zeus, convinced Semele to ask the God to see him in his real person, which ended up killing the mother of Dionysus. In order to keep the baby alive, Zeus sewed him up to his thigh until he reached maturity.
Today's Meaning of
To join in a Dionysus frenzy or celebration

To celebrate and enjoy with others to make memories and continue traditions.
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