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Presentatie "Hacken" Engels

No description

Romello Kortbeek

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Presentatie "Hacken" Engels

What is "Hacking"?
White-hat hacker
Famous "hack" incidents
Jonathon James hacks NASA
The fappening

Why do people Hack?
Because they like it
For criminal purposes
To get an explanation
To improve security
Well known Hackers/Groups
The content of this presentation:

What is "Hacking"?
Type of Hackers
Well known Hackers/Groups
Famous "Hack" Incidents
Why do people Hack?
What perception on hackers does the media generate?
A few questions

They try to penetrate computer systems , and then report the security issue(s) to the developers .
Black-hat hacker
A Cracker, someone that tries to break in to an computer system with bad intentions
Someone who misbehaves on the internet

What perception on hackers does the media generate?
Did this presentation change your view on hackers?

Did you know that there are this many kinds of hackers?

What do you think about hacker groups like annonymous?

Did you know that large company's like Google hire people to "hack" them?

Have you ever been "Hacked"

Did one of you ever hacked something yourself?
By Romello Kortbeek ZWCM02AE
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