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C2-Reinvestment Project

Conflicts in the Outsiders

Giancarlo Sticca

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of C2-Reinvestment Project

The Outsiders
The conflicts of the Book
Character vs. Character
Conflict 1
Darry slaps Ponyboy
Situation: Darry slaps Ponyboy after he tells Darry that he can't yell at Sodapop.
My Perspective: I would not have slapped Ponyboy because:
- I could hurt Ponyboy
-The punishment is not suitable for the current event
- Nobody has ever hit Ponyboy and it shouldn't start now
- That's not the way to handle a situation
Character vs. Fate
Conflict 2
Dallas deals with his future
Situation: Dallas is constantly commiting various crimes and the police is always after him. Dally is cold, fearless and real.
My perspective: I would try to stay out of trouble with the cops because:
- one day, Dallas will be in jail permanently
- I would want to have a good future and a good life
- I would not always want to be running from the cops
Character vs. Character
Conflict 3
The tension between Greasers and Socs
Situation: The Greasers and Socs are constantly fighting with each other. There is always a dilemma between the 2 gangs.
My perspective: I would try to resolve the tension between the Greasers and the Socs because:
-If they keep fighting, the relantionship will become worse and so will the attacks form both sides
-The Greasers and Socs could feel safe in their environment
-It would make life easier and they could share a bigger territory therefor enriching and helping the other society
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