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Guinsaugon Landslide

No description

Kyle F

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Guinsaugon Landslide

Newscast Starring:
Guinsaugon Landslide I'm right here in Guinsaugon just moments after this massive landslide! This landslide just destroyed a whole town in the Phillippines Here is what was a church The town was literally buried! Look at this birds-eye-view! Clean-up is already in process We are now going to interview these two brave men. So you two were trapped in this landslide? Yes, I saw this man in the muck, and I decided to go help him out of the mud. So how bad is it out there? It is really bad out here we have almost no food! all of the markets were buried. The local school is now underground, and thousands of people have lost thier homes Well I wish you good luck in cleaning up this big mess. We'll leave you with an article about the landslide after these short commercial interruptions Reporting live from
CNN Studios right
Here in Chicago!
Hi! My name is:
Joey ManGoey Anddd we're back. My partner had to leave Here is a news article you should check out.
http://www.researchsea.com/html/article.php/aid/3906/cid/2/research/guinsaugon_2008_-_international_meeting_to_analyze_the_philippines_s_most_destructive_landslide.html And here is a YouTube video
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