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AYJ Historical Museum-GATE project

No description

Jasmeet Kaur

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of AYJ Historical Museum-GATE project

Jessica AYJ HISTORICAL MUSEUM FLOOR PLAN Fossils Exhibit 1 Human Origins Exhibit 2 A place where our presenters can speak, show films, etc. AUDITORIUM Own Exhibit By: Fossils are evidence of ancient life forms or ancient habitats which have been preserved by natural processes. 2800 sqft (80x35)
3 walls
Natural Fossils
Archaeological finds from the Ice Age. 2800 sqft
Rectangular in shape 962 sqft
Semi-circular in shape. MATERIALS:
curtains, etc. Main focus heavily on people and species that populated in West Covina. THE GROVES:
West Covina before civilizations. MISSIONARIES:(Juniperro Serra, Juan Crespi, and Antonio Aruzado)
A string of missions.
Came to spread Catholicism
In 1771 they set about constructing Mission San Gabriel Arcangel on the banks of the San Gabriel River in the area we now call Whittier Narrows.
Mission Churches. NATIVE AMERICANS:(Gabrielinos)
lived nearly 40,000 years ago(1592)
kept hair long
men sometimes braided, and women wore flowers and beeds.
big horn sheep, racoons, pygmy owls, black bears, saber tooth tigers, vultures, and other descendents of animals. The relics of the Gabrielinos found over the years indicate that at least two large settlements existed near the present site of West Covina: Awingha, in the general area of today's La Puente High School
Winingna, just north of what is now the San Bernardino Freeway between Barranca and Grand Avenues. In this exhibit children have the choice to play the Fossil Quest. 3D video of Fossils (Dinosaurs), Human Origins, and presentations.
Group discussions and guest speakers. ANY QUESTIONS AYJ MUSEUM BUDGET: $400 MILLION Getty Museum: 1.3 billion
Louvre Museum:1.9 billion
Museum of Science and Industry: 500 million American Museum of Natural History: 700 million Getty Museum: 1.3 billion
Louvre Museum:1.9 billion
Museum of Science and Industry: 500 million American Museum of Natural History: 700 million VS vs Missionaries Native Americans TRIVIA WAR Ice Age Animals :
Mammoths, Saber tooth tigers, Black Tigers, Mooses, Teratorn bird, etc. The search for fossils, discovery of the major milestones in the origin of our species and advances in DNA research. We chose this because most of our group has lived here all their lives and it is nice to know who live here before our generation did. 25 ft tall
170-200 lbs. From Hollencrest Middle School
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