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Women's Roles Through Society

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Brienna Kendall

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Women's Roles Through Society

Women's Roles through society
1980s- present day 1980s Marriage, divorce, dating and ownership of property customs Marriage- In the 1980s the belief that in order to be "popular" you had to have the biggest and most extravagant wedding. This is the era that expensive weddings started. Couples rented limos to make a memorable entrance. The honeymoon also became a big thing. People started traveling to exotic places around the world. This is also an era where marring your high school sweetheart was common. Many couples married young just out of High School. Divorce- The 1980s had the highest divorce rate ever because the couples were marring so young. Most couples married directly out of High School. Dating- There became a greater opportunity for informal interaction meaning, dating became less formal. This made dating less of a priority causing there to be a shortage of progression from a first encounter to marriage. Many couples stopped asking parents permission to marry. Many couples did not wait very long to get married which made dating of lesser importance lowering the standards. Property ownership- In the 1980s there were no longer any laws regarding women's property ownership. The men no longer gained full access to all property. Everything belongs to both husband and wife not only the husband. websites: www.helium.com; jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu Customs regarding education and employment for women Education- By 1984, 49 percent of college degrees given were for women. Of the degrees given to women, 49 percent were masters, and 33 percent were doctoral. Fifty-three percent of all college students were women in the 80s. Of those woman a quarter of them were over the age of 29. Employment- Twice as many women as men taught in Elementary and High Schools. In Higher Education only 1/3 of women had the teaching positions(college level), social services, home economics, nursery and library science opportunities. Only a few women had jobs involving physical sciences, engineering, agriculture and law. In the 1980s women were 45% of employed persons in the United States. Women's Fashion Clothing Trends: Clothing Rules:
Women in the 1990s no longer had any rules on dress and wore what was in style at that time. Women's Place in Society: Women's place in Society Women's thoughts on their roles in society- Women were gaining more control over society as laws with advantages towards women were created. Feminism started to create a more equal society causing women to see themselves just as important as men. On Sept. 3, 1981 the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women came into force. This is when women truly believed they mattered and were important to society. www.wic.org/misc/history.htm Women's Autobiographies and what they said- Maya Angelou was one of many women that wrote autobiographies about their lives. She wrote the book "I know why the caged bird sings," along with five other autobiographies. This book talks about her life up to age 17. She was one of the first African American woman who publicly discussed her personal life. Annie Dillard wrote about her experiences and thoughts about nature and the world around us. She exiled herself for some time and came up with a book called "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek." She almost didn't publish her book, but after she did she was greatly rewarded. Nien Cheng wrote about her years of suffering at the hands of Chinese Red Guards. She wrote her book while in prison for being falsely accused of being a spy. These are just a few examples of woman that had nothing in common except the will to share personal experiences to show how the world has changed since their childhood. Each of these women wrote books with a purpose. They had each been through an experience that they believed was worthwhile. We have equal ability to share our thoughts and experiences freely with the world around us to document the past, express the present and hope for a better future. Without these woman writing books abut their lives, not all stories would be 100% true, they would be made up novels. These woman shared the hard times and the good times they have been through which was a big risk at the time, but is now greatly recognized. www.loc.gov/rr/main/gopher/autobiog.html
www.anniedillard.com 1990s Marriage, divorce, dating and ownership of property customs Marriage:
In the 1990s, there was a shift in values regarding marriage. Since gender roles have shifted, women are now able to support themselves with a job on their own and marriage was no longer seen as a necessity for women. Teenage marriage was also popular and more accepted during this time, as 598,000 15-19 year-olds married in 1990. Divorce:
There were high divorce rates in the 90s due to the fact that many were married young. Divorce was also accepted as a normal aspect of marriage and was not looked down upon any longer. Dating:
During the 90s, dating became much more casual. The start of computers and advanced technology was born during this time period, allowing for online dating cites to open. The popular 1998 movie “You’ve got mail” helped making online dating a more used and available popular way of dating. Property ownership:
In the 1990s there were no laws regarding women's property ownership. Everything belonged to both the husband and the wife. websites: www.helium.com; jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu Education and Employment for Women Education:
By 1991, college degrees were given to 49% of all women. They now earn 40% of medical, law, and doctorate degrees. Male professions no longer apply. Employment: Male professions no longer apply. 60% of women now work outside the home. 46% of the labor force is now made up of women. Women's place in Society Women's Thoughts:
At this point, women were thought of as equals to men. There were hardly and issues with what women thought of their place in society as they were now seen as induviduals. Women Writers:
Toril Moi was an influental feminism rights writer in the 90s who wrote a book about feminism and women that write for their career called "I am not a woman writer". The book was about different careers and gender roles that still somewhat existed in the 90s. Many women were impacted by her and were encouraged by her words about feminism. Women's Wear Clothing items- Women started wearing very colorful and boldly stated outfits in the 1980s. The outfits consisted of miniskirts paired with leg warmers/leggings, neon, and acid wash jeans. This was also the time period of exercise clothes. Leotards, headbands,and off the shoulder shirts were fads that started after the movie 'Flash Dance' came out. Women also wanted to make bold statements at work while still dressing appropriately, so shoulder pads became a big thing for work clothes and suits. Another influence on fashion was Madonna. She was the first to wear lots of cheap costume jewelry, so many people followed suit. Clothing Rules- In the 1980s women "Power dressed." The goal of "Power dressing" was to move up the corporate ladder. Sober dressing enabled women to be taken seriously which led to the "Power dressing" concept. This is what influenced shoulder pads in business wear. Women were slowly gaining more power and rights. They expressed themselves through their 'exotic' clothes. Women's place in society- Because the women were gaining more power in society they started dressing more boldly to show that they do matter. Their clothes were very different form one another with no certain rules of what to wear to be a good housewife. This also helped express the fact they they had more freedom. Their clothes showed how they were gaining more power and higher roles in society. Madonna www.fashion-era.com
www.womens-fashion.lovetoknow.com Sources
http://www.torilmoi.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/259-271-095850-Moi.pdf 2000's Dating, Marriage, and Divorce Customs and Ownership of Property. Choose who they want to marry
•decent amount of say in the relationship
•husband and their wife are on equal terms
•Over half of the marriages today, end in divorce.
oMarriages- 2,096,000
oDivorces- 872,000.
oMarriages- 2,315,000
oDivoreces- 944,000
•Women have every right as men to own property. Education and Employment •Females are gaining respect in the workplace.
•become present in all aspects of employment.
•Now women are doing typical male jobs.
opolice force, firefighters, ect.
•women have become very successful in every line of work.
•required by law for females and males to attend school.
•treated equally in education and are given equal opportunities Fashion •Common to see women in jeans and either a tee- shirt or blouse.
•There are many different types of styles of clothing.
•Some employers and most schools have dress codes to put a limit on what women wear. Other than that typically there are no rules for what women can and can’t wear. What women thought •Women are very proud of the progress that they have made.
•Many successful women as well as many female celebrities are writing about their experiences.
• Write about the experiences that have lead up to their success, their struggles, and how they have overcome them. Women's fashion in the 1990s was greatly influenced by pop culture, especially from MTV. Some common clothing trends in the 90s were some trends carried on from the 80s such as neon colors, leg warmers, leggings, and oversized sweaters. One trend worn in the 90s was the "grunge rock" look. This trend included lots of leather, fringe, midriff showing shirts, mini skirts, belly button rings, rock band t shirts, and KEDS sneakers. Some women that influenced fashion by setting trends in the 90s were Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss. Since women were becoming more equal to men in society and began to have a higher place, there were no longer any rules on a way a woman should dress. Women began to dress for fashion, which showed their new power in society and that they no longer had to follow rules in their dress. Cassi Benson, Laura Earlenbaugh, Brienna Kendall
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