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The Holocaust

No description

Ina Moli

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The Holocaust

Situational Attribution
When people reason for attributes or behaviors because of certain situations, external factors, or environment.
The capacity for people to act independently and make their own decisions.
Inside the Holocaust
Banality of Evil
when ordinary people commit evil acts and are accepted as ordinary acts
when people don't think or behave rationally even though they arentelligent to do so
refers to lifelong process of inheriting norms, customs, and ideology
Arely Leon
Loisi Moli
Ina Moli

Agentic State Theory
Explains that people obey others because they begin to see themselves as instruments for carrying out other peoples wishes and no longer feel responsible for their actions.
refers to behavior, values, and feelings in harmony with our needs and goals of our egos or consistent with out own self-image
Bystander Effect
when people don't offer help to a victim when other people are present
Balance Theory
Shows how people develop their relationships with others and their environments.
Self Handicap
process in which people no longer make an effort in order to prevent failure and therefore hurting their self-esteem
False Consensus Bias
when a person underestimates how many people agree with him/her
Social Identity Theory
when a group makes a faulty decision because of the group pressure to agree, setting aside their personal beliefs and accepting the groups
* Waitstill and Martha Sharp
* Lela Sopianic
Transportation administrator
Responsible for mass deportation of Jews to the death camps
He was only a small cog in a giant killing machine, a mid-level bureaucrat merely following orders
Commandant of Sobibor
led incoming Jew transports to gas Chambers
Acted above and beyond duty
Asking to get transferred meant death
"This was terrible very terrible it isn't only now that it upsets me terribly, it upset me then. You don't know what went on in us, and you don't understand the circumstances we found ourselves in."
"I've cursed Nazis since 1945 for what they have done."
"There was only five SS, the rest were civilians in SS uniforms"
"No but we had to do our duty, there was unemployment"
Karl Frenzel
Adolf Eichmann
Irma Grese
Karl Schultze
German Engineer
Built crematoriums and made them bigger to kill faster and more efficiently

Erich Fuchs
Josef Oberhauser
Operant Conditioning
Learning style in which a persons behavior is modified by consequences and antecedent.
" I was not a member of the NSDAP. I only respected and acted according to the laws of my country"
"I was a German engineer and I saw it as my duty to apply my specialist knowledge in this way to help Germany win the war, just as an aircraft construction engineer builds airplanes in wartime, which are also connected with the destruction of human beings"
Carl Lutz
Heinz Drossel
Marion Pritchard
Irena Sendler
* Sept. 21, 1916-April 28, 2008
* German Lieutenant who helped Jews escape persecution
* son of anti-Nazis and shared their political philosophy, refusing to join the Nazi Party
* Saved Soviet prisoners from being executed and secretly released them to return to Soviet lines

* helped Ernst Fontheim, wife, and parents find shelter
* Born 1920
* Protected the lives of 150 Dutch Jews, mostly children, using whatever means were at hand.
* Killed officer for coming back to take crying baby in order to protect her and children
* Learned that people can't be tidily divided into victims, rescuers, and bystanders
* "By 1945 I had lied, stolen, cheated, deceived, and even killed"
* February 15, 1910-May 12, 2008
* Polish nurse/social worker who served in Zegota,a Polish underground, as head of children's section
* Smuggled about 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto
* Provided them with false id documents and housed the Jewish children oustide the Ghetto
* Nazis discovered her activities, tortured her, and sentenced her to death but managed to escape execution and survive the war
Chiune Sugihara
* Japanese diplomat(vice consul for Empire of Japan)
* Helped Jews escape Germany by issuing 6,000 transit visas to Jewish refugees to travel to Japan

* March 30, 1895-February 12, 1975
* Swiss Vice-Consul in Hungary
* Saved over 62,000 Jews
* Enabled safe documents that Hungarian-Jewish children emigrate
* Gained permission from Hungarian and Nazis to issue 8,000 protective letter to Hungarian Jews of migration to Palestine
* Setup 76 "safe houses" around Budapest including famous "Glass House"
Adol-Hossein Sardari
* Iranian statesman and diplomat
* Known as "Schindler" of Iran
* Had agreement with Germany which protected all Iranian citizens against German acts of aggression
* Able to protect Iranian Jews whose families had been present in Iran since time of Persian Empire


Social Identity Theory
Categorizing people into ingroups or outgroups affects perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.
Refers to behaviors, values, and feelings in harmony with our needs and goals of our egos or consistent with our own self-image.
Senior SS Supervisor at Auschwitz, later transferred to Belsen
Bit** of Belsen
Known for her acts of Sadism against prisoners
Situational Attribution, Agentic State Theory, and Social Identity Theory allowed perpetrators and collaborators to behave inhumanely and contribute to the death of millions of innocent people. In many heroic efforts we found Agency, Egosyntonic, and Balance Theory displayed through certain individuals because they refused to accept the social norm of Nazi Germany.
Moderators: Loisi, Ina, Arely
Mafia (King, Queen, Joker of any suits)
Villagers (number of suit)
* January 1, 1990-July 31, 1986
Carl Lutz
Heinz Drossel
Marion Pritchard
Irena Sendler
Chiune Sugihara aka "Sempo"
Karl Frenzel
Karl Schultze
Adolf Eichmann
Franz Stangl
Irma Grese
Ilse Koch
Adol-Hossein Sardari
inability to think and behave rationally despite adequate intelligence
Do NOT tell anyone else your role!!
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