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Kayson's Holiday

No description

peannie ooi

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Kayson's Holiday

Through the eyes of the little boy
The boy will show you what mean by "Curious"
Still wonder how to pose? Here is the trick!
I love school holidays!
Featured photos
Learn from the Professional
Monday, June 16, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
" I'm curious!" said Kayson Leong
All written by Kayson Leong Kai Shenn

It's all about HOLIDAY
All copyrights reserved by Kayson Leong
Photographs taken by the boy throughout the holidays. Interesting to see the world through the child's eye
My feeling in Singapore is...
I am curious. I am curious because everything is new to me. I play roller coaster (
it's all about speed and I never scream! Only mom did!
), see singing show (
live performance by Donkey in Shrek movie, and he called me as 'Daveson"
), taking (
lots of
) photos and the best one is... going to Science Centre.

There got shows to see and I like it most is 'Human Body' (
see picture below
). I learn a lot in 'Human Body' (
especially the part went in to human body as food, and came out as poo-poo
). I learn about almost one hundred things (
and forgotten about it the next day

But I come back to Malaysia is quite sad. I got a great hotel, but I left my yoghurt drink (
that's mom fault
) when I coming back to Malaysia.
(Except those in bracket. That's from mom)
Say "Cheese!"
Entering human body through mouth
That's super cute!
Thanks for reading!
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