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Surrealism - Collage

No description

Cheng Yee Lam

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Surrealism - Collage

The End ... Represent a feeling: The wolf endogenous cunning and cruel, and the little girl is innocent
The nature of the character perform of anti-traditional
1. Wolf docile and well-behaved
2. Little girl with wolf tail, facing smiling
The apple’s temptation satire: subconscious, life and death, past and the future
Different completely, different opposite things for hedging challenge humanity reflection and feeling
"Little Red Hat”, a household fairy in Q-Ta’s techniques with a new feeling Surrealism Surrealism COLLAGE Au Yui Wa . Chiu Yun Ki . Cheng Yee Lam . Ho Hiu tung . Kelu Enya . Tsang Wah Shing . Wong Lai Ngan Introduction Guillaume Apollinaire (1880 - 1918) - French poet, playwright and art critic
- One of the pioneers of surrealism Artistic trends in France
Prevalent in European literature and the arts in 1920-1930
Emphasis on intuition and the subconscious
Huge impact on the traditional view of art Our way to understand Surrealism Works of two artists (humanity, political & religious):
1. World War II German artist
2. Currently a young Japanese artist

How artists practices feeling of social with collage design.

Analyze views of surrealism which change us (life, culture and era) John Heartfield (19 June 1891 – 26 April 1968) Germany (WW2, the Nazi period)
Born Helmut Herzfeld at 19 June 1891 – 26 April 1968
A pioneer use art as a political weapon
Radical artist in Second World War
Express political views through his art
Change and rethink in the functions of the art world role in society
More personally expressive art forms
Comical Nazi propaganda aims against
Not truly appreciated for his work
Expelled into the mainstream until after the war Humanity : 1932 : War and corpses the last hope of the rich Hyena appearance not pleasing, like smirking
Use decal-mania in surrealism (unexpected interesting and suggestive imagery)
Impression like a wolves, cunning vigilance, but wear a hat and award
Like people die like a dog or a dog die like a people
Satire in power with hyenas with issuing sinister side guts
Odd hair fantasy universe replaced by the reality
A sense of transcendent reality to distortions and contradictions real world Inherent Story (Hyenas) :
Don’t hunt live prey, prowl & scavenge on corpses of animals, hideous
Meaning of artists:
The profiteers of war who grow fat Inherent Story (Hat) :
Clothing etiquette
Meaning of artists:
A symbol of capitalism: Western Europe War and corpses the last hope of the rich (1932) Inherent Story (Pour le Mérite ):
The Highest Medal of army, Awarded to military prominent contributor.(Pour le Merite and Pour le Profit.)
Meaning of artists:
Successful, The medal decoration “Pour le Merite” by a subtle intervention. Heartfield modified its inscription to read “Pour le Profit”. Inherent Story (Corpses) :
The Corpses of victims of the war
Meaning of artists:
The hyena stepping on the Corpses, who feasts on carrion to wealthy. Profiteers who grow fat of war Wasteland refers to A battlefield. A hyena, which mean some sight- capitalist people and tramples dead bodies
Through the war to get some profit
Iron cross, read “For the profit”
Photo satirize those people for its own sake
Capitalists gain wealth from the damage caused from war Photographic Meaning Politics 1932: Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution Coffin - on behalf of death and repression
Congress like a dead man: incompetent, non-ideological, non-confrontational in the collage
Lifeblood as congress can loose in big hands of buried
Like a toy mold shaped in mourning funeral doom and gloom
Express tension and humorous effect Inherent Story (Weimar constitution Article 48):
Emergency decrees, President can take the emergency measures without the prior consent of the Reichstag
Meaning of artists:
A decisive dangerous powers, overbearing, Means this Constitution powerful force to stop/ blot some things Inherent Story :
The hands of interment staff
Meaning of artists:
The President from Nazi (Adolf Hitler), who use of Article 48. Inherent Story (Plenarbereich Reichstagsgebaude):
Highest authority, the highest symbol of authority, fair
Meaning of artists:
Served as the role of pressure in this image, imagine Inability Inherent Story (SPD):
The Social Democratic Party of Germany and the largest and oldest political party
(Flower): Funeral with flowers
Meaning of artists:
(SPD) Voted against the Enabling Act, means democracy
(Flowers) SPD regret on the matter/ tribute Photographic Meaning Religion 1934 : The Cross Was Not Heavy Enough 2 individual objects to structure unconscious world
God and Nazi, and on behalf to repeatedly challenge line
Nazi flag nailed the cross of salvation and grace
Full contradictions, full hedge flag (evil, overbearing, oppressive and sanctity)
Reflected by John’s inner contradictions as he was a Jewish anti-Semitic people The reichstag building was covered by the coffin which printed with the article 48 marked on the side
The Forty-eight Weimaraner Constitution ignore the decision of the German parliament
When Congress opposition the Policy, rulers have the power to use the Constitution to dissolve Parliament
Congress as dummy Inherent Story (Jesus and crown of thorns):
King of the Jews
Meaning of artists:
Catholic church, Christian, Jewish Inherent Story (Hemp):
Use of bundle some thing
Meaning of artists:
Forced, persecution Inherent Story (Cross):
Catholic church, Christian
--> Add some Screws and wooden on the cross, let it as a symbol of the Nazi Party
Meaning of artists:
Rope the Catholics, Christians to support Nazi Party Inherent Story (Screwdriver & Screws):
Locking, Firm
(A symbol of Nazi Party): A good luck symbol of the religion
Meaning of artists:
(Screwdriver & Screws) Try rope someone or something, build relationships
(A symbol of Nazi Party) Nazi Party build relationships with Religion Inherent Story (A man with full regalia):
A Nazi officer
Meaning of artists:
The image of a Nazi officer --> evil , Overbearing (A sarcastic statement) Ironically Nazi side to win over the Christian Catholics Support suppressing the Jews
Accusing the Nazis of co-opting Christianity
Own purposes and revising history in the process
An accusation of manipulation
Willingness to do anything to achieve it. Photogarphic Meaning: Hitler took the Christian religion and manipulating believers to support their Nazi Party
That stand for the Nazi party owned the strong powers and desires Q-TA Born in 1974
Famous Japanese young artistic director
Hypo Graphic and Photonica patron (local art institutions)
Works mainly around social ills, political and human
Use traditional photos and images collage techniques to explain unrealistic to satirize real problems (The poster of exhibition by Q-TQ design work) 2011, through phone apps Instagram released the works
Short time fame in overseas magazines and was published in
2012, published successfully the Paintings called "land land" Humanity 09, June, 2012 Inherent Story (Little girl):
Innocent and well-behaved, loving, generally refers to good people
(Smirking): Malicious
Meaning of artists:
Unfriendly, Not kind and have trick Inherent Story (Wolf tail ):
Behalf of the wolf
Wolf tail erected --> Aggressive / self-assertive performance, hostility
Meaning of artists:
Evil intentions, treacherous, insidious Inherent Story (Girl standing):
Lead each other to go toward their own
Meaning of artists(The little girl and wolf tail):
Surface with Kind-hearted, but inside insidious and treacherous, means hypocrisy people Inherent Story(Basket of wool):
Usually used as a woven scarves, sweaters, gloves.
Feel warm objects
Meaning of artists(Wool):
Bundled, manipulation (puppets) Inherent Story(Wolf):
Treacherous, Shameless, insidious, which generally refers to social villain
(Wolf action): Expressed obedience, body back, fuse wolf hair, apprised ears and the tail low
(Wolf tail in between of the legs): The will of collapsing, fear
Meaning of artists(Wolf):
Not the most terrible thing Inherent Story (Apple):
Healthy and beneficial
Meaning of artists:
The huge temptation Modern society- people put a good like mold
Let down your guard
They reveal the original "Wolf" Q-Ta in addition to painting reflect
Enemy is not revealed the "wolf" in front of people
Show hypocrite terrible as wolfish cunning Analysis of the meaning : Politics 02, April, 2013 Created by adhesive and automatic techniques
Children and adults: children just only play the game, but the adults are greed, power, money
Dazzled means intentionally or unintentionally, no blood
Bloody creepy story: addition to performance with distortions and contradictions
Fine and realistic approach the real and effect of black humor
Child playing war machine: rivers of blood
Collage different stories into politics and war Boy character: Fun, Naughty and like to play games Inherent Story (Aircraft models):
Toys, furnishings
Meaning of artists:
Combat aircraft, military weapons used in the war Inherent Story
(Triangles): Stable
(Inverted triangle): conflict, aggressive
(Colorful): Joyful, Confusion
Meaning of artists:
Means the instability of the background Inherent Story(Boy & Aircraft models):
The Boys playing strategy game
Meaning of artists:
- Since the war was launched by the State or Government
- Little boy to metaphor the state or government
- Means the State or Government think the war as like a games
- Coupled instability of background, and refers to the political instability Inherent Story(Armed soldiers ):
standing in the doorway --> guarding homes
Meaning of artists:
The door is crashed --> failed to guard their homes and subjected to aggression Inherent Story(Corpse ):
Meaning of artists:
With casualties caused by the war Meaning of artists(Smoke):
Bring about the destruction of the war Inherent Story(Light bulbs):
The use of light-emitting, lighting
Meaning of artists:
The bulbs have been holding -- > Just as bright and anterior in someone else's hands. Inherent Story(Women and children):
The underprivileged
Meaning of artists:
No power to resistance the war Inherent Story(Luminous body):
Meaning of artists:
Hand-held light-emitting body --> is in the dark, people still hold a glimmer of hope Meaning of artists:
Farmers --> lower class Meaning of artists:
Male wearing a suit --> the middle class Meaning of artists(Farmers and middle-class):
Hand-held weapons, pointing to the little boy
--> The middle class and the lower class people was initiated the revolt to the government, who can not stabilize the political situation Analysis of the meaning : Satire of totalitarian state
North Korea has committed development weapons
Wage war, national as nothing, ignoring the national life and life national ideology
Brainwash the way aggression
Prompt totalitarian can be made against the ideal life
Hope in their own hands make life changed better
Warning the rulers be careful when you preoccupied aggression against
National discontent caused by the civil war. Religion 23, December, 2012 Adam and Eve tasting forbidden fruit, generation knowledge of humanity
Apple and snake are same meaning as sin and temptation
No clothing and shelter in bible, original sin and suffering
Dada pursuit “Nihilism" :clear non-rational state, reject conventional artistic standards, the sense of disillusionment and cynicism
Q-Ta create approach to thoroughly reject moral and social habits of behavior
The act should based on human nature:unintentional, accidental and make of fundamental reflection situation Inherent Story(Apple):
Healthy and beneficial
Meaning of artists:
Forbidden fruit --> Metaphor desire, will be punished. Meaning(Men, women, and Apple):
The story from <Eve and Adam> --> Snake the tempted Eve to eating the forbidden fruit and share with Adam
Male was means Adam, and the women was means Eve. Inherent Story
(Heart): Major human organ
(Human organs): Stomach, kidney, spleen
Meaning of artists:
(Heart): Feeling, intuition
(Organs): Metaphor for the reproductive organs

- After eating the forbidden fruit, they are afraid to be seen naked, to cover the body organ.
- Ppeople should not do things and feel shame. Meaning:
Before eating the forbidden fruit, Eve and Adam are naked, happy life, not cited ashamed.
Meaning of artists:
Refers to a clear conscience, expansive Inherent Story(Forest):
Habitats for animals
Meaning of artists:
Eden --> Flowers, bees and butterflies dancing in the garden, and a variety of animal life in the garden Analysis of the meaning : Love concept of men and women
In religion is waiting for true love to come and go a lifetime commitment and love and marriage
Young men and women, can not withstand all sorts of temptation
Love the road constantly changing partners
Men in love, like animals, libido dominant ideological indulge in sex with different women
The lack of rational thinking, and make yourself love, stop being deceived and injured John Heartfield Q-TA Compare Era Makes
The Think War: Involving national politics, sensitive to make indifference Free society: Peace relationship in Global, Freedom of thought, know different culture and history Method Implicit:Satire in the way reader should understand by own self Implicit:Satire technical developed, so things can explain by easy and can use technical hide Technique Poster, collage, oil painting: popular on that era, art style Photo, illustration, Photoshop: ways can be show directly, can use technique to change National
Position Advanced country on that era:intellectual and artists combat the wrong in the society Protection of local culture:protect the self life and thinks in habit and culture to expression of contradiction Living Pressure: shortage in material makes confusion from war Freedom:any time and place to make decide by own self to finish things Conclusion Viewing of artists in different era
Non standard mode for surrealism in the meaning of things
Contradiction cannot express > addicted
We never know the genuine of works
Understanding of contradiction in life, culture and concept on some people The End ... Book: John Heartfield
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