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Sociology Prezi

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jade conway

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Sociology Prezi

Foundation Why be interested? Functionalism Marxism Feminism Core Main Theorists What does Sociology mean?

The literal meaning of sociology is ‘science of society'. This also refers to the study of society. Giddens (1997) highlights social behaviour with the way in which we drink coffee.
When we meet for a coffee we engage in forms of interactions.

He argues that drinking coffee builds upon a whole set of social relationships across the globe.

However in some countries coffee is frowned upon. SOCIOLOGY Society functions when all institutions work together, much like the human body.

For example; Parsons (1959) states that a good family structure is essential for the maintenance of society. The most efficient way of achieving this is from a nueclear family. A contrast theory to Functionalism as Marxist believe Society is an effect of the bourgeoisie!

In essance they see society as based on class conflict.
Capitalist society contains two classes- capitalists and workers.
Dominant capitalist class owns the means of production.
While the working class owns nothing but its labour power. :) What does Sociology include? Family Media Education Religion Health Politics Sociology of Coffee! Functionalism Marxism Feminism Feminists take a conflict view. They see society as patriarchal.
They argue that social institutions, including the state and policies, help maintain the unequal gender diversion within the family.
Hilary Land (1978) argued that we have certain roles within the family because of social policies assuming there are more nuclear families within society. From this which category do you think you fit into? What do you believe?
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