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Georgia Briers

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is fashion design? Fashion design focuses on the application and aesthetics of clothing, accessories and a variety of Patterns. Designers consider the function and aesthetics of a particular clothing pieces and the target market associated with each piece produced. Alice McCall - about her work Alice McCall - London born Australian designer
- Started off as a stylist
- worked with many celebrities such as Kate Moss and Beyoncé and on various advertising campaigns including; MTV, Levi’s, Nike and Rimmel.
- Her label was launched at Australian Fashion Week in 2004; Alice McCall brand is stocked in about 165 boutiques internationally.
- Some countries where the brand is stocked include; UK, USA, Australia and Japan. In fact Japan having the largest number of sales
The brand started off with a variety of silk tops and 1950s inspired dresses, these pieces transitioned her to become a fashion designer instead of a fashion stylist. The brand is known for a bohemian style, combining it with youthfulness, elegance and a modern vibe. Music inspires the label, from rock and roll to famous music icons. Skills required as a designer - Eye for colours and textures
- technical skills such as pattern cutting, grading, garment construction etc.
- Organisation
- Ability to work with a team
- Commitment
This is shown through the process of a Fashion Designer, which includes; storyboards, sketches and mass manufacturing CASA DRESS Primary and Secondary research -looking at current fashion trends as well as future ideas
- other countries styles of clothing
- research from customers and the general public
- research what the other clothing brands/ competitors are producing
- comfort/ usefulness of fabrics THE GOLDEN NUGGET DRESS Other professions which Alice McCall may work with Social and ethical responsibilities as a designer Management strategies It is important for the designer to have a clear understanding of their customer to ensure they set the correct price strategies and marketing research. Alice McCall has worked with companies such as Topshop, General Pants co and Target. These helped her strategies of her clothing line, become independent and from that her own website “Alice McCall” had been formed. Working with different business beforehand gave Alice more experience in the commercial industry, therefore when it came to the time to launch her own website she was more experienced and prepared of what’s to come. She was able to work with many advertising companies, which helped later on in her commercial design practice. After her website gain more audience, asos and David Jones were able to sell her clothing line in store and online, asos being an internationally shipping website. As she continued putting her work out into the public’s view, it gained recognition and her work was able to be shown in magazines, billboards and fashion shows.
-use of sustainable materials
- recycling materials,
- using sustainable and recycled materials for the packaging
-using energy efficiently,
- to purchase her fabrics and materials from countries that provide fair working conditions and wages for their workers.
-Giving back to the community is also a responsibility on the design this can vary from talking to collages, providing work experience, donating to charity
- animal cruelty free as well as
- minimizing chemicals produced in the clothing. - advertising professionals
- graphic designers
-textile designers
- photographers
- manufacturers
- seamstress
- distributors Alice McCall Topshop sketch
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