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CFO Dashboard - Big 4 Bank Data

Straight version

Matthew Birtwistle

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of CFO Dashboard - Big 4 Bank Data

Your Competitors Industry News ANZ calls for more prudent government spending to reduce overall tax revenue intake - 21.11.12 - SMH

HCA clears CBA's 'PEARLS V' franking credits tax avoidance case. CBA saves $45m - 15.11.12 - AFR

Westpac shoots ahead of it's banking rivals, with a stronger than expected full-year profit - 13.11.12 - AFR Big 4 Bank A renowned
organisation Banking Sector Trends Big 4 Bank currently sits at number 3 in the Big 4 Bank market. Deloitte can assist Big 4 Bank in improving its market position by enhancing its tax compliance process. ATO Banking and Finance Industry Risks Creating the Future Your Business Potential for
re-vamp Tax reform
opportunities Specialised
Services Industry Snapshot Deloitte's Innovative Tax Tools GST Tax Accelerator
Tax Cube
Tax Data Analytics
Employee / Contractor Tool Key External Drivers Tax Paid in the Financial Services Industry TOFA - post implementation and review questionnaires
Offshore banking units (OBU) regime
Arrangements that seek to avoid CFC attribution and/or the inappropriate use of the Authorised Financial Institution (AFI) subsidiary exemption
Permanent establishment / branch risk
Foreign banks and application of Part IIIB of the ITAA 1936
Cross border arbitrage arrangements
Transfer pricing / profit shifting
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