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Summer Internship Project PPT

No description

Anushree Saxena

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Summer Internship Project PPT

I found that as per present organization structure, responsibilities are now more delegated to new positions
Earlier in HRD, there was only one incharge of HR and IR together
Now seperate heads and sub heads of each sub department in HRD
Responsiblities of each position have now become specific and finer
It is easier to report problems in HRD and track out the required personnel
Sampling size: 15 employees
Sampling area: HRD,DCM Shriram Ltd., Kota
Data collection:
Primary source-Questionnaire, interview, evaluation form
Secondary source- Internet, DCM library reports and books

Research Methodology
Title: Understanding business operations, principles and KRAs with a motive to develop Job Description for unique roles
To study the
job descriptions
of HR Dept positions of last few years
See how the positions and responsibilities have changed over time
To study performance appraisal system
To study Recruitment proecedure
To complete one module of CSR project ' Pra Rambh'

Project Objectives
‘Growing with Trust’
DCM Shriram Ltd. is a leading business conglomerate with a group turnover of Rs. 6000+ crores
DCM Shriram Ltd.( Delhi cloth mill Shriram Ltd.) name evolved due to the first industry of operation of DCM which was cloth mill
Founded by Sir Lala Shriram in 1889
Sir Shri Ram was an eminent and public-spirited philanthropist, an outstanding industrialist and one of the trend-setting visionary leaders of the Indian business community
DCM Shriram Ltd., Kota
Summer Internship Project PPT in HRM
Presented by
Anushree Saxena

Businesses of DCM Shriram

AGRI BUSINESSES (urea fertilizer, sugar, farm inputs marketing such as DAP, pesticides, seeds)
AGRI RETAILING (Haryali Kisan bazaar )
PLASTICS (PVC and PVC compounds)
CHEMICALS (chlor-alkali)
DCM BUILDING PRODUCTS (Fenesta door and window profiles)
Other businesses interests of companies are cement, textiles and energy services.

DCM Products and their manufacturing locations
Earlier positions
Present HRD positions
Recruitment procedure
Performance Appraisal system
There are two categories of employees to be appraised:
1. Review category
• This is the elite class of employees including officers, assistants. This together makes up the staff of the company
2. Non-review category
• These category of employees are not appraised before 8-10 years of continuous service in the organization
• These employees are reviewed once in 4 years

Still Excel sheets are used for employee record keeping in DCM Shriram which is hectic and time consuming, so proper softwares should be implemented
Kota plant of DCM majorly involves walk-ins, campus recruitment should also be an important tool for absorbing the creative candidates
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