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Plastic Milk Bottles

Global Recycling Issues

Martin Nikolov

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Plastic Milk Bottles

Double click anywhere & add an idea UK shops are already selling biodegradable milk jugs, mainly in East England and Wales.

Global Recycling Issues Global Recycling Issues Countries around the World

South Africa

US still using plastic, cartons and glass to package milk. They are considering it now and working on it to start producing milk in biodegradable jugs.
Global Recycling Issues


One of the most successful countries in using plastic milk bags is Canada. Apparently in Canada 40% of milk is delivered in such bags.


To extend the life of landfills
To recover high value materials
To conserves natural resources
Global Recycling Issues

Why countries need to start selling biodegradable milk jugs?

The reason why all countries should get involved is because milk is a very commonly bought product.

Hard to recycle

Published reports indicate that of the roughly nine billion plastic bottles sold in the UK only seven percent of them are recycled.
Global Recycling Issues

Government targets

UK is trying to become the leading country of milk eco-packaging. Europe is the one that is putting pressure one milk companies to become more eco friendly.
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