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Place and Liveabilty - Discover B

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Rusham Thind

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Place and Liveabilty - Discover B

Social Connectedness - Culture - Melbourne
Culture is a very important part of bringing people together in communities. According to www. theaustralian.com.au, Australia is a massively multicultural society as a whole, but Melbourne is an example of an extremely multicultural city. Melbourne can be multicultural in many ways and this can be found in all aspects of the city, and culture-wise it shows the fields of music and other performing arts, visual arts and, of course, cooking and food culture in general.
Place and Liveability - Discover B
Analyse the influence of access to facilities and services, environmental quality and social connectedness on liveability.
Social Connectedness - Employment - Melbourne
Social Connectedness - Religious Beliefs - Melbourne
Access to facilities and services
Availability of houses, transportation of network, water and sanitation infrastructure, health care and recreational facilities all are facilities and having access to them is really important when making a decision to live somewhere.
Social Connectedness
There are many important aspects of a community are these are all made up of social connections. Some social connections can be made up by culture, religious beliefs, employment etc.
Place and Liveability- Disover B
Availability of houses
To be able to live somewhere, a house is essential. The types of houses (housing styles) and the availability impacts on where you choose to live. The housing styles also affects the environment, affecting roads, water supply systems and transportation. Different type of styles are more renowned in Australia and to compare with, Europe. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009-2010, 79% of Australians live in separate housing, 11% live in flats, units or apartments, and 10% are living in semi detached, houses, terraces or townhouses. Although in Europe, 42% live in flats or apartments, 34% live in separate housing and 23% in semi detached housing.
The housing in Melbourne is more cheaper than in Sydney. Which is a reason why people like to live in Melbourne.
According to the Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum stage 4,7 and 8 this photo shows how European housing look like.
Therefore, the style and type of house you choose to live in, depends where the house is. Evidence from slide 2 proves that, most Australians live in separate housing. Although, there still are some other types of housing such as, flats and apartments.
The availability of housing in Australia mainly consists of separate housing. Such as this,

According to a website- http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/10/01/comment-will-interest-rates-fuel-housing-price-bubble Australian housing look like this.
Facilities and Services - Transportation
The number of houses in a particular city can also affect the amount of transportation that is available in that area. The more houses there are, the more people there are, which means the greater the population. The greater the population, the better the transportation will be. An example, London's population is 8.63 million, which has given them access to more variety and quantity of transportation. These are some examples. Melbourne and Sydney both have very similar transportation.
Facilities and Services - Water and Sanitation infrastructure
Another necessity is water and sanitation infrastructure and it is required to run a liveable city. The water facilities in a place must be sufficient because, while the city grows so does the need of better water. In Kenya, there were many water kiosks installed to also reduce cholera infections. This however wasn't very effective because it killed 130 000 people every year. Although, nearly all Australian households have running water, which is safe to drink.
Facilities and Services - Health care
Accessibility to health care is an important factor in the liveability of a place. The Economic Intelligent Unit have five broad categories is used when determining a city’s liveability - One of these categories is health care because having access to services such as Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals and more is important. Health care is a major importance of keeping people healthy which has an impact on the liveability of a place or city.

Facilities and Services - Recreational Facilities
Recreational facilities are really important when measuring the liveability of a place. Different things like sporting grounds, shopping centers or cafes. Rouse Hill is a very fascinating place for many people because it has places like Rouse Hill Town Centre which has shops and restaraunts.
Social Connectedness - Public Events - Melbourne
These are some examples. Melbourne and Sydney both have very similar transportation. The only differences are that Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world integrated into both bus and train. The other difference is that Sydney have opal cards which is a way to access transportation with a card.
Water and Sanitation infrastructure
Since Sydney and Melbourne are both in Eastern Australia so both their water and sanitation infrastructure.
Culture - Sydney (part 2)
Sydney's cultural activities aren't as good as Melbourne but according to experienceoz if we're going to base this on art view, then it's perhaps understandable why Sydney can be seen as missing out; art and music are usually embraced as an everyday part of the Melbourne lifestyle, while Sydney is seen as inactive in this regard.

Health Care
Availability of Houses
In the last five years, two thirds of all jobs created in Australia were in Sydney and Melbourne
House prices is Sydney have doubled since the global financial crisis of 2008
In Melbourne, during the same period, house prices have gone up by 80%
The average price of a house in Sydney is now just over $1 million

Melbourne is a very religious city, According to https://www.livingin-australia.com/compare-australia-cities/ there are more cultures in Melbourne which makes it more religiously diverse and has many temples, churches, mosques etc. Many people in Melbourne get connected through religious beliefs because they meet in these religious areas which results in them being friends
According to https://www.livingin-australia.com/compare-australia-cities/ the health care in Melbourne is much more better than it is in Sydney. Sydney has really good health care services but Melbourne has a better quality.
Religious Beliefs - Sydney
Environmental Qualities
Sydney has less cultures which results in less religious diversity so because of this not many people in Sydney meet through religious activities. source https://www.livingin-australia.com/compare-australia-cities/ indicates that Sydney does have many youth programs for church which are very famous with christian kids
Environment quality refers to the standard of our surrounding environment. The higher the rating of the environment quality, the greater is human well being and the higher of the liveability. Environment quality takes into consideration a wide range of environmental factors including air, water, soil, land plants & animals.

Social Connectedness - Shopping - Melbourne
According to oztrips Melbourne's shopping isn't so much better than Sydney's as it is different; all in all, they are both outstanding cities for shopping while Melbourne has smaller boutiques and products. The style of shopping is what gives Melbourne's unique take on the experience
Shopping - Sydney
Comparing the two cities in terms of shopping is very similar . Sydney has larger franchise shopping experiences, both Sydney and Melbourne offer much the same. You can get the likes of high-class brands Gucci, Prada, Armani, and even Zara all in Sydney
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