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Q2 Review

Energy & Heat

Julia Calderon

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Q2 Review

Energy States of Matter ability to do work or cause change Potential Energy Kinetic Energy Thermal Energy Heat Energy of Particles Nuclear Energy Electrical Energy Electromagnetic Energy Chemical Energy Total K.E. & P.E. of the particles IN an object stored in the nucleus of the atom electric charges travels through space as waves P.E. stored in chemical bonds Law of conserservation of energy energy is neither lost or created during a transformation friction kinetic energy -> themral energy Temperature average K.E of particles conductor insulator convection current fluid moving in roughly a circular pattern position or shape motion good poor some energy is "lost" (converted) to increasing the disorder in the system Matter & Heat Physical Change Chemical Change breaking bonds & forming new substances Scientific Method Q2 Variables Independent Dependent Controlled energy transfers stays the same the one thing that is manipulated (changed) in the experiment the factor that changes as a result of the manipulation (IV) in the experiment Control group: no variable is changed as the state is changing, the tempurature remains the same, all energy goes to chenging the state
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