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Copy of Convocation 2012

No description

Noel Allen

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Convocation 2012

North Carolina Community College
System Conference
October 2012
Began in 2005 with AtD grant
2009 ~ 2010 - 18 LCs Offered
1,200 Students
Learning Communities
By the Numbers: Success of Learning Communities
Shift Towards Integrative Assignments
"An emphasis on integrative learning can help undergraduates put the pieces together and develop habits of mind that prepare them to make informed judgements in the conduct of personal, professional, and civic life."
- Statement on Integrative Learning
"Learning communities are cited as one of the high-impact practices where students learn how to become integrative thinkers." ~ Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education
Designing the Assignment…
All College Read
2011- 2012
Special Thanks to:
JoAnn Buck
Janie Johnson
All members of the LC Committee
All members of the All College Read Committee

Washington Center for Improving the Quality of
Undergraduate Education. (n.d.). Learning
Communities. In Integrative Learning. Retrieved July
29, 2012.

Kaguri, T. J. (Narrator). (2010). The Price of Stones
[Online video]. VikingBooks. Retrieved June 3, 2010.

Kaguri, T. J. (2011). A School for My Village: A Promise
to the Orphans of Nyaka (pp. 50-264). New York, NY:
Penguin Books.
All College Read
"There are almost two million orphans in Uganda. For a country no larger than the state of Oregon, it was a mind-numbing figure." ~ T. Jackson Kaguri
July 17, 2003
News Headline: "School serving AIDS orphans: Bloomington couple leading effort to help Ugandan children who have lost parents to AIDS."
"There is no magic formula for success. There is only hard work, determination, and a passion for life."
"It is not what you believe that counts;
it is what you believe enough to do."
"...quality education is the means by which we will break the cycles of poverty and inequity that exist in our world today."
Bauerlein's author visit in November 2010 generated capacity crowds in the 500 seat Koury auditorium on the Jamestown campus and the downtown Greensboro library.
History of All College Read
For more information, contact:
- Noel Allen [Integrative Assignments]

- Joe Partin [All College Read]
In Partnership with World View & the Internationalizing the Curriculum Committee
Globalizing the Curriculum
94% Encouraged Participation in Bauerlein Visit
72% Successful in Implementation
Survey from May 2011 Workshop
Integrative Assignments in the Classroom Success
"It gave them insight into another discipline that they may not have been exposed to otherwise."
"...students can see the benefits of the classes they are taking and how they relate to one another."
Please join us Wednesday, November 7th for Jackson Kaguri's visit to GTCC at 12:00pm in Koury Auditorium or 7:00 pm at Greensboro Central Library.
Developmental Education
Professional Development
Common student academic experience for ENG 111
with Integrative Assignments
and the All College Read
2012-2013 College Initiative
2012 - 2013 All College Read Committee:
Expansion to thematic issue within the campus community
Currently in 14th Year
Visits by author featured
Photo courtesy of Mark Bauerlein
What's Happening with
Integrative Assignments at
Guilford Technical Community College
Presented by C. Noel Allen & Joe Partin
Invitation to Faculty & Students...
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