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Transparency in Online Education

- How important can transparency be in online education? - How does it promote cooperation and quality?

Ana Rosa

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Transparency in Online Education

Transparency in Online Education How important can transparency be in online education?

How does it promote cooperation and quality?
At Universidade Aberta, the Elearning Pedagogy Master (MPEL – Mestrado de Pedagogia do Elearning) is a good example of how online courses can be transparent. Students make themselves visible by sharing personal information about themselves, in their profile. At Universidade Aberta, students from MPEL created and shared their personal profile at the beginning of the master.
This transparency creates a good educational environment and promotes cooperation. Teachers present clearly to the students what they are expected to do and how they will be evaluated, and allow a discussion on the subject.
At Universidade Aberta, the Learning Contracts are always presented in the start of each course.
This transparency also promotes a good learning environment. Students share with all their colleagues the work they have done, both in forums and in blogs. Students feel more alike to cooperate with each others because everybody shares their work. This transparency promotes quality as well because: everyone invests more in a work that will become public. everyone can learn from each other’s work. everyone can learn from the feedback of their colleagues. However, there are some questions we should think about: - Am I supposed to show my work to everyone?

- What level of transparency is the most suitable for each student?
In conclusion:

In online education, these three concepts are inseparable:

Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning
Mestrado de Pedagogia do Elearning
Universidade Aberta
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