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User Services & Multimedia Librarian Position Presentation

No description

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of User Services & Multimedia Librarian Position Presentation

Kirsten's Topic Presentation
Topic Presentation
Current Trends & Challenges
in User Services
Using Multimedia & Technology
to support patrons effectively
Initiatives that could benefit
Mann Library
My Background

What are the current
trends and challenges
in User Services for
academic libraries?

How can multimedia
tools and technologies
be used to support
patrons effectively?
Initiatives to
Benefit Mann Library
Scenario: A Senior is applying for summer internships and graduate programs and has
a lot of application forms to fill out.

Problem: Filling them out by hand and then scanning them looks messy and off-kilter.

Solution: Using Adobe Reader the student
can make his forms look neat and professional by typing his responses using the Add or Edit Text button. He can sign the form digitally,
then save it as a pdf to be printed or
Scenario: A student taking a rock climbing course has shot some footage of himself and his classmates bouldering and top roping using a GoPro action camera.

Problem: He would like to edit his videos and make them available to his classmates.

Recommendations: The student can load his files into Final Cut Pro X to be edited, then save them on Vimeo, where he would be able to
share a link to the content or embed the
videos on a webpage or blog.
Scenario: A student is required to show that she has found 5 full-text, peer-reviewed journal articles for an upcoming term paper.

Problem: Class starts in 10 minutes and the student realizes she only has 4 articles meeting the requirements of her homework assignment.

Solution: Her mobile app! From her seat in her classroom the student is able to conduct a search using the appropriate limiters:
checking off full text limiter
checking off peer-reviewed limiter
selecting academic journal as a source type
Scenario: A Professor or TA needs to
miss class in order to attend a conference
but still wants to deliver the lecture, which has an accompanying PowerPoint.

Problem: The majority of the content for the class is delivered via the lecture and is not contained in the PowerPoint presentation.

Recommendations: Using either VoiceThread
or Garage Band software, the instructor can
easily record their lecture over their slides
and then email the presentation to the

Effective Use of Google Drive
Best Search Practices Using Research
Databases & Discovery
Staff Development Workshop: The New
Features of EBSCOhost, EBSCOadmin,
and EBSCO eBooks.
Orientation of the Library’s Access
Services, Multimedia, and Software

*Assist with the development
of new workshops
Workshop: Effective Use of GMail,
Google Drive, and Google Calendar
Overview of Cloud Storage
File Sharing & Collaborative
Editing for Group Projects
Creation of:
And More
Organizing all Your Files and
Emails Using Gmail's
Folders & Labels
Keeping a Calendar
Color-coding by entry type
Searching your calendar
Workshop: Best Search Practices Using Discovery or Individual Databases
Basic & Advanced Searching Features
Refining your search results:
Limiters to narrow results
Expanders to broaden results
Boolean Search Operators: AND, OR and NOT
Saving time using Citation Tools
Document Delivery
And MUCH more

Workshop: Staff Development
Starting in August there will be new features/capabilities available on all EBSCO Platforms:
EBSCO eBooks
EBSCO Discovery Service

Such as:
Streamlined administrative tool functionality
The elimination of Discovery add-ons such as EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EHIS), and A-to-Z with Linksource (these will now be features included in Discovery for all users)
Interface changes
More Customization & Branding Options
Workshop: Orientation of the Mann Library's Access Services, Multimedia & Software Offerings
Allowing students to be educated about the resources available to them to use in their projects and presentations, this Workshop would include:

A Summation of what's available
An Overview of the features & capabilities of these resources
Examples of effective resources/multimedia in projects and presentations
Review of Borrowing/Usage Policies

Marketing & Outreach
Create Marketing Materials such as
Flyers & Posters
Create lively social media feeds
Get freebies from vendors to give
away to students-- some vendors will even customize these items as you wish
Create stylish, HTML emails to send out
to targeted groups about specific
resources, events, or programming.
This would require a Project
Manager, Graphic Designer,
and Web Developer

Marketing & Outreach
Contributions to the Website
Create Marketing Materials
Create informative flyers/posters about:
Access Services
Multimedia & Software offerings
Mobile & Tablet Apps
Remote Access

Targeted Placement:
Around the Library
Dorms & Caf Bulletin Boards
Identify Specific Schools/Majors that could benefit from these resources and post marketing materials there
Create Lively/Engaging Social Media Feeds
Content should point to Programming:
Want to hone your presentation skills? Come to our Workshop on Prezi!
Content should be informative without being boring:
You know you go to a good school when the libraries are open later than the bars. The Mann Library is open until ___ tonight!
Content can have nothing to do with the library:
50 Films you should see before you graduate: How many have you seen so far?
The fact that they're reading our update reminds them about the library
This update has the added benefit of being interactive

Students will unfollow the feeds if:
The content is too dry
They feel saturated from too many updates
Discovery: I can contribute to efforts to
make your Discovery service function well
and make sure it is properly customized and

Widgets: I can create virtually any widget: a great
way to pull in your LibGuids, a chat box, or other
outside resources on your homepage.

SEO: I have developed training materials on
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I could lead a
workshop on this as well as apply SEO best
practices to the Mann Library’s own web
pages so Cornell students will easily
find their school’s resources.

My Background
My Multimedia Experience
Working with Administrative Portals
Traditional Library Experience
Digital Library Experience
My Experience as a Manager
Project Management
Marketing Materials
My Multimedia Background
Two courses in TV Production
Producing & Directing
Operation of Cameras, Special Effects,
Edition Machines
Composition, Lighting, Staging
On-Camera Announcing & Interviewing

One course in Radio Production
Scripting, preproduction planning,
interviewing, audiotape editing & mixing
Broadcasting Experience
DJ'ed a spot on WJJW College Radio
for a semester as part of the course

Working with Administrative Portals
EBSCO Collection Management
Coursework on Koha
Library Experience

Circulation Services-
Served on the Library Committee for
Haiti Projects, Inc.
As part of my Reference & Information
Services course I developed a Library Lending
Policy & Operations manual for the small library
in Fonds des Blanc, Haiti (English & Creole)

Serials Processing-
EBSCOhost Collection Manager for eBooks
EBSCOadmin for managing and
customizing all digital collections
User Services
Campaign Management
Requests for Proposal
Updating Content for
Product & Subject Pages

Management Experience
UMASS Amherst ESL Program's Writing & Speaking Center
Created the program
Interviewed, Trained, Managed all tutors
The Event Company
Managed the office
Scheduled workers
Support to those out on a job
American Education & Travel Services
Managing & Operating the Program
Scheduling & Supervising 10 FT & 5 PT Recreation Coordinators
Marketing Campaign Management
Supervising contributors
Lynda.com Courses

Final Cut Pro X Essential Training
Garage Band '11 Essential Training
Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Instructors
Access 2010 Essential Training

Customize Interface & Search Options
Modify search limiters and expanders, print options, linking options, local holdings information, links to library pages
Control the availability of full text, customize onscreen notes and modify numerous other user interface preferences
Generate Usage Statistics
Control Methods of Authentication
Brand Library Pages
Select Multilingual Options
Define User Groups
EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM)
Develop & Manage your Collection
Search, browse, order eBooks & audiobooks
Manage deposits
Select purchase/ acquisition methods
Set display preferences
Enter & save fund codes to apply to orders
*I have also been trained on the GOBI and OASIS platforms, as they are partners of EBSCO
Coursework on Koha
Centralized Records Management
Budget Tracking
Work at EBSCO
User Services
I provide User Services to Federal Librarians and Corporate Customers such as Pepsico and Mass Mutual.

A Federal Government Librarian would rely on me to educate them on the content and capabilities of the resources they have, set up trials for new resources, generate usage statistics for them (or teach them how to do it), work with them to promote remote and mobile access so their patrons can access resources outside the physical building, show them how to customize and brand their resources and so forth.

I also facilitate communication between the librarian, the government contract specialist, and everyone at EBSCO. This is not how EBSCO’s communication usually works with customers; the federal government is a special case.

Campaign Management
I am responsible for Soup-to-Nuts Project & Campaign Management
Conference Call with the Customer
Determine Scope/Message
Manage Expectations (timeline)
Write Copy/Storyboard video, etc.
Schedule/Supervise Design
Schedule/Supervise Web Developers
Review/Approve Project
Send to Customer for Review/Approval
Distribute & Communicate Project
Follow up with Customer
As Marketing Campaign Manager I directly supervise anybody contributing to a project that’s part of one of my larger campaigns.
I also have a lot of customer service contact with some of our large Corporate Customers. As the Marketing Campaign Manager I am the sole point of contact with the librarian who has requested the marketing materials.

I have training responsibilities at EBSCO:
I provide training for new hires in my department: teaching them how to respond for a Request for Proposal and how to contribute copy to Marketing Projects
Also, We’ve had a lot of structural and organizational changes in the last year so I’ve been responsible for presenting department-wide process implementations based on the recommendations of a consulting firm that studied our processes.
Tracking Projects
Chain of Command for Projects
Communicating Completed Projects
I prepare and present training manuals
"How-to" Processes Series for the Marketing Services Group's Sharepoint
Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
I manage the Response to all Federal Government Requests for Proposal, which requires:
Working with many departments to develop responses and provide current information on our resources
Sales Department for strategy, package, pricing
Legal Department for Terms & Conditions
Product Managers for updates on databases
Title Comparison Team for title comparisons, current numbers from publishers
Authoring our responses to the Federal Government's questions
Managing competing projects
Compliance with hard deadlines
Staying current on developments of our databases, eBooks, discovery service...and those of our competitors
Updating Content for Product & Subject Pages
I was responsible for creating 30 new product pages and several subject pages as part of a total product page redesign
I now "own" these pages and am responsible for updating their content on a bimonthly basis
This requires working with Product Managers for new updates on each project, working with the Content Analysis team to generate new title lists/numbers, and monitoring Library Science publications for quotes about the database that could be used on the page

Current Challenge:
Students may think that the
information they’re getting online
is mostly good information. They
have enough training to understand
what constitutes a reliable source. What
they may not know about is the
abundance of premium content available
through the library.

Current Trend:
Creative marketing &
outreach solutions

Current Trend:
Students have new preferences
for the way they want to search for

Current Challenge:
This does not mean that students have
sophisticated searching habits. They still
need comprehensive information
literacy so that they can leverage
the resources available to them.

Current Challenge:
Students don’t want to
physically come to the library

Current Trend:
We reach them where they are
with remote access to the
library’s resources and via
mobile apps

A Note on Staying Current
Staying abreast of new trends in User Services has been easy between regular EBSCO training in databases, eBooks, and discovery as well as two years of Library School.

How would I keep current on these trends going forward?

Read library journals
Attend Conferences
Participate in Professional Development Opportunities
Trial new software and resources

Current Trend:
Academic programs are
increasingly multidisciplinary.

Current Challenge:
Collaborate with colleagues in
Academic Departments and IT to provide relevant services. Identify and
incorporate your partners’ expertise
and background.
Current Challenge:
Affording necessary
collection development with
journal costs rising considerably

Current Trend:
Strong negotiation with vendors
Incorporation of open access

Scenario: A student comes to the library and
asks for help with putting together a presentation.

Problem: She seems to be having trouble getting started
and a needs a plan.

Show the student how to locate and select information for her
topic using appropriate library resources.
Have her consider her audience when authoring her
Help her select the appropriate media to share her topic's
PowerPoint, Google Drive Presentation, and Prezi
are all good options for creating a presentation.
Have her consider how to fit the information she's
written into her chosen “container.”
Review good citation practices.
Suggest peer review when she has a
solid draft to show.

Collaborate with smaller libraries
& resource centers around campus, such as the Career Services
Resource Library, to share
resources and streamline campus
library services and access

Establish a program of multimedia assessment of Library collections
and services
Identify software, technologies,
and equipment that should be added
Conduct trials
Report on findings
Have a plan to weed out old
versions or irrelevant
Some Suggested Edits for the Student Using Final Cut Pro X
Edit footage on your timeline to cut out anything extraneous (like footage of the student turning the camera on and off)
Storyboard your video
Maybe include an introduction
Make a supercut of action shots
Extract anything funny for a blooper reel at the end
Add a filter to play with the tone of the video
Add some background music
Add Titles & Credits
Notes on Organization
Final Cut Pro X is a good place to organize your media

Import your footage--- This will all be saved into a large folder, your "Event Library"
Select preferred view as thumbnail or list
Initial organization will default to date of import. Auto-organization is also an option as "Smart Collections."
You can manually organize your clips as "Keyword Collections"-- basically like creating folders. Manual organization gives you the most control.
You can group clips together as part of different scenes sharing a common keyword/name
You can get really granular, naming each clip so you can identify it easily when editing
What Makes a Good Manager?
A good manager creates an environment where the structure and expectations are clear.

A good manager trains their staff well and then gives them independence to do their work without being micromanaged.

A good manager cultivates a situation where staff is trusted and supported in their work...... where their manager is a resource to depend on.

My Management Style
To get the most out of your team, you have to first figure out how everyone individually work best--and then assign tasks accordingly.

My management style would be training people well, investing in them, supporting them, and not micromanaging them once they are up to speed on a project.

I have the ability to implement new programs, the skills to assess their effectiveness, and the flexibility to adapt them as needed.

Some Initial Ideas for Team Building
Lunch & Learns
Once a month, one person can take a turn educating the group on an area of their own expertise
Other Access Services groups could be invited to participate
Other departments/groups -- Computer Science, IT, Other Library Services-- could be invited to present
Building fun & shared occasions into the agenda to celebrate all the hard work and get closer as a group
Pot Luck Lunches
Group Outings
Seasonal Celebrations
Shoot for great workplace culture
Camaraderie within the group
An environment where everyone's ideas are valued
An enterprise where you are enabled to do your best work
How Do You Measure the Success of a Team?

Officially: Benchmarking/Metrics/ User Feedback

Unofficially: That feeling of everything/everyone coming together

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