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ECART project

Tradition food in UAE

Amna Aljabri

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of ECART project

Traditional food in UAE
some pictures of most tradition food in UAE
My Focus statement
what is most traditional food in UAE ?
UAE have many traditional food, but some of them are most popular like: Al-Harees , Al Bulalaite, Al Khabeesa, Al'lgaimat, porridge and Al Threed.
How does traditional food in UAE made ?
Every type of tradition food in UAE has made its own way, and this is some of ingredients for dishes in UAE:

Al harees
Al harees, is made from : wheat, meat and salt. cooking ground wheat in a bowl with a pinch of salt, which is added to the meat. Then the mixture is left for several hours until fully cooked meat Pour the mixture into the walls over medium heat. After several hours, the mixture is removed and thick piece of wood of the final product is topped with local ghee

Al khabeesa
Khabeesah is made from roasted flour, water, sugar, rose water and saffron. At times, ghee and cardamom are also added. The mixture is then left on medium heat until ready.

UAE traditional food has a lot of rich and unique taste, Also it has more benefits than nowadays food, because nowadays food dependent most on fast food, and the fast food are harmful to humans.
اسعياwhat is the differences between UAE tradition food and nowadays foods ?
Al Khabeesah
Al Bulalait
Al Harees
why did I choose this topic ?
I choose this topic because I know many information about traditional food in UAE, Also I want who's didn't know about UAE tradition food know it from my product.
my interview questions
with my mother
which type of traditional food in UAE you prefer more ?
- I prefer Al'lgaimat more

Nowadays, Are people do this tradition food ?
- Yes, they do traditions food especially in gathering.

what do you think about traditional food and nowadays food ?
- Traditional food are healthy more than nowadays food because nowadays food are depended on fast food more.
Al Machboos
Al Muhala
Every country have her popular tradition food, so UAE traditional food has a very rich and unique taste.
Amna Aljabri
10 - G

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