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Ms. Kukurudza's ALL ABOUT ME

No description

Kassia Kukurudza

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Ms. Kukurudza's ALL ABOUT ME

Ms. Kukurudza's ALL ABOUT ME
My Future: Who Knows?
I'm excited to be teaching in York Region
I'd also love to teach all over the world one day
I guess we'll see what happens!
My Past: The Early Years
I was born on December 26th in Newmarket, ON.
I have a younger brother, Brandon, and a younger sister, Mikaila
Growing up with two teachers as parents, I can remember
summer reading projects - clearly they inspired me!
I grew up on a farm, with horses, dogs and cats
My favourite horse was named Dakota, but I called him monster
When I was 17, I moved to the big city (well, Toronto) to start my new university life
My Past: My Family and other Animals
My Past: Traveling Around
After university, I went to teacher's college, and spent some time traveling
I also worked for a company that let me teach all over North America
Over the past few years, I've been in London, Lyon (France), Italy, Los Angeles, Manitoulin Island and Northern B.C., but it's nice to be home!
This year I'm thrilled to be teaching Grade 8 and French!
I'm learning a lot, and working very hard to be the best teacher I can be
I also love spending time outside, with friends and family and my dog
My Present: A LOT of Homework :)
Any Questions?
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