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Sweet Escape~

Bakery specialising in desserts

Sadia Salim

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Sweet Escape~

Introduction to the Team Sadia Saleem

Major Role :
Marketing Manager Muzammil Pirwani

Major role :
Financial Director Laura Rowe Major Role :
Product and Manufacturing Director Waqas Saleem Major role:
Human Resources Director Arpit Patel
Abdishakur Osman Connecting With The Public National Competition Local Competition Within England Major Role: Research
Director Major Role:
Director Drinks
soft drinks
smoothies...etc Between 12pm to 1pm, Sweet Escape would see an increase of customers on their lunch breaks. After 3pm, we would prepare for an increase of students finishing school for the day. Charity
A Broad outlook at the amount of potential customers We are Sweet Escape, a Midland-based bakery with stores situated nationwide. We specialise in baked goods such as cakes, pastries and cupcakes. Radio Advertisement Posters Products Competition Greggs
Owned by Greggs PLC
Only based in Leicester
One main unit on Gough Road and two café on Uppingham Road & Belgrave Gate.
Limited company.

Based in Birmingham
This is a limited liability company. Happy cupcakes Cake Smile
Based in Nottingham
Limited Company The Cake Shop Licky Lips

St Martins Square Leicester, Kettering, Corby, Market Harborough and Milton Keynes. Cake Box

Branches all over England. For example: Birmingham, Luton, Southall, Barkingside and many more
The company is now seeking to expand nationwide via franchising. Examples of a few products Capital Expenditure Pre tax profit up 1.1% to £53.1m

Return on capital employed: 24.4%

Operating margin (%)Earnings per share £0.373

Dividends: £0.135 Gross profit%: 61.41%

Current ratio: 0.685:1

Quick ratio (acid test): 0.509:1 Ratios Eid - Muslim Hands Christmas Christmas
Easter Red Cross - Diwali - Noble Cause Birmingham

-£60000pa Machinery
Kitchen - ovens/mixtures/utensils/display units

Leicester - Highcross
£50,000pa Nottingham - Victoria Centre

Mega Cake Large Cake Sandwich cake Little Cake Nano Cake Secondary products Budget Stores... £43000pa ...Future Prospects Diabetic cakes

Fairtrade range Factory - supplying hotels Hilton
Holiday Inn
Encore Expansion
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