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Medical Experiments

No description

Leticia Tijerina

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Medical Experiments

[Karal Brandt] The Nazi doctors at the Death Camps tortured everyone; men, women, and children. They did medical experiments of horror during the Holocaust. Victims were lab rats to the doctors. They were tested with drugs, castrated, frozen to death, sun lamp, internal irrigation, and hot baths, warming by body heat, genetic experimentations, and put into pressure chambers. Children went into surgery with no anesthesia. Blood would be transferred from each other. Germs would be injected into the children, sex change operations, removal of organs and limbs. Hitlers personal physician was appointed Reich Commissioners for Sanitation and health,
ranked as the highest Reich authority, he was authorized to issued instructions to the medical
organizations of the government. To the party and the armed forces in the feild of health. He
participated in the euthanasia program which involved the systematic execution of the aged,
insane and incurably ill or deformed children by gas of lethal injections in nursing homes, hospital
and asylums, They were regarded as "useless eaters" and the burden to the German War Machine. Hot Baths:
The victim was bathed in warm water; while in the water the temperatures increased and victims would die from the fast increase of temperature. This method was proven to be the most effective. Sun Lamp:
Victims were placed under sunlamps
which were so hot that they would burn
their skin.
For example: A homosexual victim was
cooled until unconsciousness and revived
him with the lamp until he was sweating
like a pig.
Internal Irrigatioin:
The frozen victium would have water heated to a very high temperature and forcible irrigated into the bladder, stomach, and intestince. All victiums
died from this type of experiment. Freezing/ Hyperthermia:
Experiments were conducted on men to stimulate the conditions that the army suffered during the winter. Germany men couldn't stand the Russian winter during the Battle for Stalingrad, so they needed some way to stay warm. Doctor Sigmumd Rascher made experiments in two parts. First they would see how long it'll take to lower the body temperature till death. Second to seek the best way to bring back the frozen victim. They would either put victim in freezing water or send them naked outside during the winter. Icy Vat method proved to be the fastest way to drop the body temperature. [Herta oberheuser] She killed children with injections then removing their limbs and vital organs. The victims would die within 3-5 while conscious during the whole thing. She made the most gruesome and painful medical experiments focusing on purposefully inflicting wounds on subjects. In order to simulate combat wounds of soldiers in the war she rubbed foreign objects such as wood, rusted nails, slivers of glass, dirt or sawdust into wounds.
[Joesph Mengel] Known as the Angle of Death, Dr. Joesph Megel would show up at the trains where people would arrive. He would then sort through the crowd for twins, dwarfs and unique specimens and take them into the experimental blocks.
For example he would start at the head and work his way down. First the person would be completely x-rayed and token tubes by force up their nose and down into their lungs. Then was filled with gas that would make them cough vigoursly. As they were coughing the sputum was collected and examined. One of the main thing he would do was to take multiple pictures of his subjects and file them so he could examine them later.

[The Angle Of Death] Just because something or someone is smaller and more populated than you doesn't mean you should pick and poke them to death. [Medical
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