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UHC with ICT conference, 2-3 Dec, 2014- Recommendations with Quick Wins’ to propose the ‘ICTen’ call for action (Interventions with Impacts for Informing ADB/WHO Policy Brief)

Susann Roth

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of iCTen!


Conduct gaps analysis:
capacity development

Benchmark against regional experience.

Implement planning tools.

Know your baseline !
Generate political will and commitment.

Establish inter-ministerial committee on UHC with ICT to advocate for ICT investments in health.

Set up technical task force to develop UHC/ICT framework.

Coordinate and collaborate with other countries (e.g. AeHIN) and experts.

Get everyone on board and bring your best team!
Adopt, adapt or develop tools!
Commit to UHC,
commit to integrated ICT systems!
Develop ICT framework based on the following principles:
Use shared IDs and services
Promote interoperability

Invest in unique ID schemes and link CRVS and UHC!
Develop a roadmap for a master person index.

Phase implementation, design to scale.

Build institutional readiness and a skilled workforce!
Establish joint learning networks and Communities of Practices.

Build systems for capacity development at all levels.

Integrate ICT in medical professional workforce development.

Keep data safe and secure!
Develop and enact a data governance policy.

Adopt an information security framework.

Keep private health information private:
Personal Health Information
Data centers

Plan for sustainable financing mechanisms from the start!
Get concrete! Have an implementation plan with quick successes!
Raise new funding for ICT:
raise taxes
get partners involved (incl. PPPs)

Invest now in ICT and reap continuous efficiency improvements.

Articulate your value on investment.

Scale and sustain what works.

Have targets and a timeline.

Define success, measure progress based on M&E criteria!
Develop an M&E framework
Operational benefits
Patient benefits

Use existing data sources.

Identify tools available in the market.

Use open standards.

Join forces for economies of scale.

Develop only as a last resort.

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