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International Space Station

No description

Madison Main

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of International Space Station

By Madison Main International Space Station Is the International Space Station still taking place? What is the International Space Station? How far is the ISS from Earth? What have they accomplished? Do the Astronauts have a bed? Pictures
and more videos! The International Space Station is a orbiting labortory and construction site. The I.S.S. is 240 miles away from Earths surface. There bed is called a galley.
They have to be fastened in the galley so they dont float away while they are sleeping. The ISS has accomplished many things like being the longest and largest inhabited object ever to orbit the Earth. The ISS video Here are some pictures and videos! It has been there for 15 years and counting. Astronauts have to exercise for at least two hours. The ISS has to have a waste disposal tank. Video The ISS has there meals in the crew's quaters. Sources

www.factsbuffet.com The ISS is 15 yrs. old.
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