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Analyzing Magazine Covers

Analyzing three Empire magazine covers to see how they advertised the movie and conventions they used.

Amina Adan

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Analyzing Magazine Covers

Analysis of Empire magazine cover Empire Magazine The title of Empire magazine is written in a bright red colour and font in contrast to the dark blue background, therefore it stands out from everything else. Empire magazine use red consistently in all their magazine to keep a continuous effect on their title, so they're magazine is recognised by regularly audiences Bold coverline which stands out from the overs. Helps attract the audience, especially new targets. Empire magazine always place their price and date in the middle of the letter M, this may attract the audience as they'll be attracted by the bright colour of red, therefore coming across the price and date. The title of the Harry Potter movie isnt neccessary as Empire magazine assume that everyone already know who the person is in the key image. This shows that they're advertising a movie which their audience are already familiar with. 'Bloody hell! Harry comes out fighting' is the line next to the image. This creates an enigma for the audience, making them wonder what Harry does, therefore, not only will they purchase the magazine to read about it, they will also most likely watch the movie once it is released in cinemas. Emire magazine have placed the image of Robert Downey Jr in the centre of the magazine cover. This represents the authority that he holds in the movie that is being advertised. Regular audiences of Empire would be aware of who he is and what movie he is in, nevertheless, in case they've attracted new audiences, they have including the name and his character name in bold writing next to him.
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