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8/2 Kamin

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Transcript of 8/2 Kamin

What is your hobby?
My hobby is playing drums.
Why do you like your hobby?

Sometimes I do this hobby with my band. Because when I am playing drum with my band I feel better than playing alone. It helps me practice my skill and unite with my friends.
Who do you do this hobby with?
When I want to practice and when I have a lot of free time. Because when I have a lot of free time I don't know what to do and I want to practice it better. It helps me to practice and spend time doing other things better than playing games.
When do you do this hobby?
I do this hobby any where if there is a drum. Because I have to use a drum to play. It helps me to practice with a real drum.
Where do you do this hobby?
How often do you do this hobby?
Kamin's hobby.
I do this hobby 3-4 times in one week or up to my mood on that day. Because when I am playing drum I usually use a feeling to play. It's easy to control my dynamics.
Because it is my big dream since I was young. When I was young my family liked to listen music on tapes and I heard the drum sound which was very cool. So I wanted to play when I grow up. It helps me feel the pride in myself. Because I have made my dream come true.
Equipment and Process
1.Drum sticks
2.Drum set
8.Ear phone
1. First, Open the electric drum.
If it is a real drum than set the
drums first.
2. Than, Open an IPad or phone
3. Next, wear earphones to
listen the sound or
4. Next, Grab a drum stick.
5. Listen a sound or a
metronome looking for a
note and hit a drum by a
note in tempo.
6.Enjoy it.

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