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APRA Leah Annual Giving Presentation

No description

Leah Rosenblum

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of APRA Leah Annual Giving Presentation

Taking Annual Giving to the Next Level: A Survivor's Tale
When is it Time to Expand Your Annual Giving Program?
Comprehensive Campaign in the next 1-3 years
Shrinking donor base and/or retention issues
Loyal annual givers
A previously inward-facing role...
The annual giving officer that used to focus on writing appeals, reviewing data, creating phone-program scripts and crafting emails is now being asked to operate as a front-line fundraiser
Now Aimed Externally
Face-to-face asks
Portfolio management
Good Prospects for New or Floundering Annual Giving Officers
The Prospect Researcher to the Rescue!
Prospect lists
Start with manageable/digestible lists, such as 10 people per week
Too much, too fast= freeze factor
Try to avoid duplicating names on lists to multiple staff members
Key indicators
Current annual giving donor
Recent event attendance
Opens emails
Already volunteers with the organization
Likes you on a social media platform and/or makes comments or tweets about your organization
Survey responder
Recording contact attempts
Watch list/Hard to contact tag
Possession issues
Which pitch works best?
How successful is each gift officer during each month of the year?
Work with management to establish a baseline
An Introduction
Leah Rosenblum, Annual Giving Officer for the University of Michigan Law School
Seven years of experience in Fundraising
Most of that time spent in higher education
About 4.5 years spent in annual giving
Internal and external annual giving roles held
Essential to success of lead annual giving
Continue to demonstrate impact of a gift, or collective giving
Opportunity for Annual Giving Officer to introduce a donor to a major gift officer
Moving annual giving donors through the pipeline to major giving donors
Grow the donor base
Appeals to young or new donors who want to have a greater impact up front and understand how an organization works
Leah Rosenblum, Annual Giving Officer, University of Michigan Law School

Key Messages to Support the Case
Growing the Major Gift Pipeline
Donor retention and loyal-giver strategy
Giving society
Specific representative to work with
Special recognition in annual report
Receiving news and invitations early, resulting in VIP seating opportunities
Ambassador status - Peer to Peer
Is this in addition to mail, phone and email program management?
Whether the answer is yes or no, they're going to need your help!
Annual Giving Prospects vs. Major Giving Prospects

Much less time to develop relationship
Annual Giving Officer may not have "ask" experience
They will need to build confidence, learn their pitch, have some false starts
They will need some easy wins
Many will be building up a portfolio rather than inheriting one
Opportunity for the Prospect Researcher to try new tactics
Advocating for each other
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