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Heather Mack

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Wiki

How Businesses Utilize Wikis
How Do Organizations and Individuals Benefit From Using Wiki?
What Are The Challenges Wikis Poses
Who restricts and regulates Wikis?
And Administrates?
Who Moderates?
What Is A Wiki?
- A server software that grants editing rights to all users
- Can be accessed from virtually any web browser
The most well known wiki is wikipedia

Credible Sources?
Content Vandalized
Summing Wikis Up
Keeping Employees Up to Date
Version File Management
Wiki as a Communication Tool
Gaining Consumer Feedback
Enhancing Meeting Efficiency
- Employees no longer need to be physically present
- IBM Example
Cisco: Implementing Wikis for Improved Knowledge Management
“The business wiki is one of the most powerful Enterprise 2.0 tools and is capable of transforming the nature of communication within a company. While normal corporate communication flows in a straight line, often from top to bottom, a business wiki can create a synergy of communication that flows from the bottom up” (Daniel Nations)
Improvement Org Benefits
Individual Benefits
wikis help to break down professional barriers and provide a medium for collaboration between employees and upper management,
- Wikis break down geographical barriers.
- Help individuals to create relationships

Knowledge Management
Post Idea
Wicked or Wonderful?
Keeping the most up to date file readily available to employees.
Product Knowledge
Employee 101
Your Company
Getting To Know Your Employees
Three Basic Restriction Settings
Restricted Viewing
Restricted Account Creation
Restricted Editing
Restrictions and Editing
General Motors: on using internal and external wikis
Corporate Risks
Promote Team Collaboration
Improves the efficiency of communication
Wikis have restriction methods in place to improve security
Wikis aren't perfect and have some challenges that they face.
Benefits > Challenges
Administrator's Tasks:
Monitor and Analyze Articles

Clean Up Vandalism
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