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Amanda DiLeo

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Shakespeare Books He Lives On You can see the heart of Shakespeare in the books you read. You can see it through the plots of the story that mirror his plays. It is evident in the title and quotes of books. Authors admire the genius of his work and can't help but be moved by his talent. Some books that are influenced by Shakespeare are Prospero's Daughter The Tempest King Lear A Thousand Acres Music Check Yes Juliet Check yes Juliet. Are you with me?
Rain is falling down on the sidewalk.
I won't go until you come outside. The King Must Die And sooner or later
everybody's kingdom must end.
And so I'm afraid your courtiers
cannot be called best friends.

Caesar's had your troubles
widows have to cry
while mercenaries in cloisters sing
and the king must die. On the surface today's media appears to be
bursting with new ideas yet with a closer
look we are able to uncover the truth,
Shakespeare. Decades later he is still
ever present in the backbone of today's
media. William Shakespeare, often called the English national poet, is considered to be the greatest dramatist of all time. Is this what you relate back to when you hear his name? Many would, remembering his breath taking sonnets and master mind plays; but have you ever stopped and examined how prevalent, even in today's media, Shakespeare truly is? Shakespeare today has reached many different outlets
of media through his work some including: . Movies and Television shows . Books . Poetry . Music Check Yes Juliet

The King Must Die

Ophelia We The Kings

Elton John

The Band We The Kings modern interpretation
of Romeo at Juliet's
balcony Run, baby, run! Don't ever look back.
They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance.
Don't sell your heart, don't say we're not meant to be.
Run, baby, run. Forever we'll be you and me. change the locks > disown They can change the locks, don't let them change your mind. The Montagues and Capulets were very
much against their children dating. We're flying through the night, we're flying
through the night, way up high. The view
from here is getting better with you by
my side. may be read as if they have died and
gone to heaven, looking down
on the world below them Elton John Even those you trust most can turn against you.
Claudius killed his own brother in Hamlet.
Caesar's best friend, Brutus, killed him. Ophelia The Band Boards on the window, mail by the door
What would anybody leave so quickly for?
Ophelia - Where have you gone?

The old neighborhood
Just ain't the same
Nobody knows just
What became of
Tell me what went wrong? If Ophelia's body had never
been found and was washed
away in the river, surely
people would have gone
looking for her. They would
wonder what had happened
and if she had run away. Music Shakespeare's words have not only influenced stories in books and movies, but today's music as well. His characters and concepts have made their way into the lyrics of different songs. Whether it be the tragically beautiful love story of Romeo and Juliet, or the heartbreaking tale of Lear's decent into madness, the names of Shakespeare's complex characters are still sung today. TV Shows and Movies Shakespeare is such a popular subject for US movies and television shows. Star Trek may have included more Shakespeare references and plot lines than any other US television series. Many Star Trek episodes have Shakespearean titles, the characters often quote Shakespeare, and performances of the plays were worked into some episodes. It was inspired by the Taming of the Shrew.

Even in the 1960s Batman series, Bruce Wayne gained access to his hidden Bat cave by speaking of Shakespeare to use the control button inside.

In Season 3 of the popular BBC scifi show, Doctor Who, the Doctor and his companion, Martha, traveled back in time to meet Shakespeare himself.

In season 5 of ABC's Castle, the episode plot mirrored that of Macbeth. The episode's version of lady Macbeth murdered the Irish Mob boss so that her husband Liam may ascend to the "throne." It is fitting that post modern poets should employ Shakespearean allusions as many view old WilIiam as the father of both drama and poetry due to his numerous sonnets. Moreover, since his works are known on such as large scale a Shakespearean allusion allows writers to enrich their works by resonating one of the playwright many theme without the reference going over readers' heads. Poetic Allusions Allusion to Shakespeare's Hamlet with the women's choruses of goodnight evocative of Ophelia's drowning. The Wasteland: A Game of Chess T.S. Elliot Allusion to Shakespeare's Macbeth, "Out, out brief candle." signifies the fragility and unpredictability of human life and tragedy. Out, Out Robert Frost Allusion to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, "I know the voices dying with a dying fall." Symbolic of both music reminding both Prufrock and the count Orsinio of their unattainable loves. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock T.S. Elliot A Girl, A Ghost and the Hollywood Hills Hamlet The Madness Of Love The Twelfth Night
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