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Best/Worst Practices

Coca-Cola's social media strengths and how Soy Vay can learn from them

Erica Malone

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Best/Worst Practices

Finally What works? Best and Worst Social Media Practices
Group 7 Provide opportunity for engagement

Consistent message across all mediums

Facebook tabs: photos, "Your Stories," videos, events

Relate content back to brand to boost sales "Share Happiness" campaign Soy Vay YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram - only activity is Facebook
Users don't know where to go

"Having too many social media networks is not effective" (Smith, 2012)

No clear message or evident strategy Coca Cola's Best Practices Identify goals and measure their effectiveness with respect to brand

Keep content liquid and linked (Blinman, 2012)

Dynamic Storytelling, use emotional appeals

Using emotional appeals will "result in customers talking and engaging with their brand" - My Web Presenters, 2012

Take risks with content, take advantage of technology
Soy Vay "A lack of overall voice on social media is a problem when the goal is to achieve a brand presence" Supergroup

Engage in interactions first

"1/3 of your time should be spent growing your social network" (Wallace, 2010) Multiple examples on YouTube
Integrate the content in the consumer's context
"Use videos because, on Facebook, it’s easy for them to go viral" (Wilcox & Reber, 2013)

"Where will happiness strike next?" Eliminate unused profiles and focus on one clear message in one place

Craft creative ways to connect with audience, make it relevant

Use emotional appeals

Draw all content back to the brand

Overall using social media in a creative way sparks attention

Give audience opportunity to provide user-generated content "Discovering moments of happiness, one picture at a time. Share your moment" Best Practices
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