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No description

Selena A

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Pediatrician

They are required to work at least work 5 days a week for 8 hours. They often work longer hours (8+ hours) and are on call during the evening and on weekends.
Is there any other important information?
Pediatricians mostly work in doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, universities and sometimes self-employed (owns their own office).
What hours/days are required to work?
Do you need any other certifications and/or experience for a Pediatrician?
You'll need to pass an examination with the "Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada", graduate from an approved medical school, get a license from the government in the province you're working, get 4 years of nursing(university) and get 2 years of specialty training.
What is the least you could make? Most? Does education make a difference in the salary?
The least you could make as a Pediatrician is $57,500 per year. The most you could make is $148, 882. It can but not much, because depending on which university you go to. The student average of the school can make a slight difference but not likely.
What is a Pediatrician?
Required Skills
A pediatrician is a type of doctor who provide care to patients from birth to early adulthood. They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses specific to young people.
Name: Selena Arruda
Teacher's Name: Ms. Carbone
Course Code: GLD201-01
Due Date: Friday, Otober 17th, 2014

What duties do Pediatricians have to perform?
perform regular check-ups for babies and children
diagnose and treat illnesses of children
order tests and analyze the results
track symptoms and illnesses.
Is this career that can be found in any city? Is this work done inside or outside?
They are found often in urban areas (Toronto, Vancouver, etc) but isn't found often in rural areas (Innisfil, Lindsay, etc). The work is done strictly inside because of safety regulations.
Job Duties & Type of Work
Educational Requirements
Sources Used:
If you want to become a Pediatrician, what creditentials do I need?
You need to finish your secondary school diploma (OSSD) to get into any post-secondary school in Ontario and then get your bachelor in Science degree. To become a Pediatrician, you can't take college courses only university because a Pediatrician is basically a doctor who specializes in an age group.
How many years of school do you have to take? What are good universities can I go to?
You have to do 4-5 years of university to get your Bachelor in Science. The only two universities that are great for this field is University of Toronto and Caribban Medical University (in Mississauga).
Is there any more information that we'd need to know?
To get into any of these universities for this field, the courses you need to take in high school is:
Grade 12 English (university level)
Grade 12 Advanced Functions (Math; university level)
Grade 12 Chemistry (university level)
Grade 12 Biology (university level)
Three other Grade 12 University or Middle (University/College) level courses
What skills does a Pediatrician require?
They would need:
teamwork skills
writing skills (clear and organized)
business and financial management
committee working skills
interpersonal skills
What is the annually salary that a Pediatrician gets? Does it stay the same or does it increase annually?
The salary annually that a Pediatrician receives is at the average approximately $62,982. The salary increases annually because of experience in the work setting.
Job Benefits & Job Drawbacks
What are the benefits of being a Pediatrician? What are some things that may not be so great?
The benefits of being a Pediatrician are:
Employee Health Benefit Plan (vision, medical, dentist)
life insurance
disability insurance
paid time offs
paid leaves (family tragedy, illness, etc)
you're sitting down for most of the time

You have to maintain your stress levels because of the lack of sleep you might have.
The few thing that isn't so great about a Pediatrician is that:
they work longer hours (8+ hours)
Is there anymore important information?
The salary can change depending on where you work (ex. if you work in a hospital, you'll earn more but if you work in a clinic, it will be a little bit less than what the hospitals' salary would give you).
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