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The Outsiders

No description

Leiniita Nicole

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders
"Hey," I said suddenly, "can you see the sunset real good from the West Side?" She blinked, startled, then smiled. "Real good."
"You can see it good from the East Side too," I said quietly.

"At the end of the day, regardless of your race, if you are rich or poor, good or evil, the sun still sets for all."
~Leiniita Depatie
The theme of the novel "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton is Social Class. Divisions, struggles, and battles between two different class gangs is portrayed throughout the novel.
Introducing the Greasers:
* They reside on the East Side, which is the poor end of town.
* They wear their hair long, dress in blue jeans and T-shirts, leave their shirttails out, wear leather jackets, and tennis shoes or boots.
* They are wilder than Socs. They steal things and have gang fights once in a while. They smoke and drink.
* Greasers drive old souped-up cars.
Introducing the Socs:
* They live on the West Side, which is the richer end of town.
* They wear madras shirts and nicer, cleaner jackets than greasers.
* They're like the cool kids in town.
* Socs jump greasers, wreck houses, and throw beer blasts. They get drunk often and smoke.
* They drive nice expensive cars like corvairs and mustangs..
the Socs
and the Gr
easers are in constant conflict with each other. They have many gang fights which lead up to one big rumble. The fights are usually instigated by Socs hollering out insults to the Greasers which usually leads to blades being drawn and ending with a physical brawl. (pg. 5,6,32,33,143,144,145)

(pg. 129-130)
Eighth graders are easily influenced by media, family traditions, and the opinions of society. Some of the things that cause division amongst teenagers today are which sports we play, which subdivision we live in, clothing, hobbies, how much money we have, and race. They divide and make cliques according to interests and similarities, leaving out anyone or anything that is different or contrary to their beliefs and opinions.
Out On The Town!
Even around town there is discrimination against Greasers by business owners, employees and the general public. Both groups are known to cause ruckus but the Greasers never gain acceptance in society.

Socs get editorials in the paper for being a public disgrace one day, but then the next they are an asset to society. However, Greasers stay a nuisance and unaccepted. (pg.3)
Greasers and Socs go to separate locations in town. For example, to go see a drive-in movie, Greasers would got to The Dingo and to Jay's, and the Socs would go to The Way Out and to Rusty's. Greasers choose the rougher areas to hangout. (pg.19)
(Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry, Dally, Johnny, Two-Bit, and Steve)
(Bob, Randy, Cherry and Marcia)
The Sun Still Sets For All...
Despite everything that happened between both gangs, Randy, Cherry, Johnny and Ponyboy realized that the fighting is all for nothing. "
Greasers will still be greasers and Socs will still be Socs."
(pg.117) Regardless of class everyone has their own struggles.
"Things are rough all over" (Cherry).
(pg. 34, 35, 118, 148, 179)
How Does This Apply to an 8th Grader in 2015?
In the novel there is a conversation that takes place between Ponyboy and Cherry. The Greaser and the Soc discuss how Socs seek after more things to satisfy themselves but never truly find satisfaction. They ponder the reason why they're separated might be because of feeling and not because of money. Socs being numb to being fulfilled and Greasers being emotional and aggressive. In the end of the conversation, Ponyboy was in awe over the fact that the sunset Cherry sees from her patio is the same sunset he sees from his back steps. He concludes that
"maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren't so different. We saw the same sunset."
(pg. 38, 40, 41)
* People want to be more like them
* Socs usually get the girls
If only grade eights could realize that they have the ability and power to alter their future in regards to social class. When you strip away the titles we give each other like "hockey players", "dancers", "rich kids", "geeks", "horse lover", "losers", people can finally see each other for who they really are. We're simply humans. We all feel sadness, happiness, and pain. We all have joys and we all face struggles. We're all passing through this journey called life, the best way we know how. At the end of the day, the sun sets for us all!
The song Royals by Lorde came to mind as an example of Social Class.
The song Where is the Love by The Black Eyed Peas came to mind as an example of some of the frustrations we face today.
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