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Hunter Hayes

No description

Jessica Moegenburg

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is an American country music singer, songwriter, multi-talented country star, and multi-instrumentalist (Vocals, accordion, guitar, mandolin, keyboard, bass guitar, piano, and drums). He was born September 9, 1991, in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. And is 5' 6"
Hunter grew up singing songs in both English and French
He was an only child
began his musical career at 2 when his grandmother gave him a toy accordion
Collects accordians
He can fly planes
Joined a band when he was 4
Playes over 30 introments
joined Hank Williams, Jr. on stage at the age of 4
At 6 Hunter Hayes recived his very firt guitar from Robert Duvall
With a big heart, Hunter Hayes became a well known country star.
By: Jessica Moegenburg
He was born September 9, 1991, in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. In 2008, he moved from Breaux Bridge to Nashville, Tennessee. In 2010, he co-wrote "Play" for the Rascal Flatts album Nothing Like This. In September 2010, he was signed to Atlantic Records Nashville and began working on what would become his major-label debut. Hunter was bullied a lot in High School. He had and interview with ET's Nancy O'Dell and this is what he said:
"To me it's also just about being misunderstood," hayes said about his new single "Just me being in high school, just the smallest scale I know compared to a lot of stories that I've heard, a lot of people that I've met ... yes, I was a total geek, I was a total nerd, and you know, I still am, and I'm proud of that. But it took me a while to realize that it's OK to be proud of that, right? Because in that time and period of my life, if you didn't fit in, what else was there? Fortunately for me I had incredible parents, I had an incredible support system, musicians around me, and that showed me that there was hope -- that there was maybe something else I could look forward to."
Hunter Hayes
Biographical Information on Hunter Hayes:
Interesting Facts:
Accomplishments of Hunter hayes:
At 4, he began appearing on t.v. At 7, Hunter was invited to perform for President Bill Clinton for a White House lawn party. At 13, he appeared on America's Most Talented Kids.
Similarities and Differences
We both like country music
We both sing
Hunter likes the color red, I like lite blue
Hunter plays many instruments, but I don't
Hunter is an only child, and I have a younger sister
We both were once bullied

Son of Lynette
Loves music, coffee, and instruments

Bio Poem
Annotated Article:
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