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Journey Through Cell Division

No description

Rebekah Roper

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Journey Through Cell Division

Cell Division
Step One; Interphase
The first step of cell division is interphase.

In interphase, the cell prepares for the division.

Step Two; Prophase
In prophase, chromosomes begin to appear.

Also, the centrioles begin to move the opposite ends of the cell.
Step Three; Metaphase
In metaphase, the spindle fibers align the chromosomes in along the middle of the cell.
Step Four; Anaphase
In anaphase, the paired chromosomes seperate and move to opposite ends of the cell.
Cell Division - The Scoop
Spindle Fibers
Step Five; Telophase
In telophase, the chromosomes and spindle fibers disburse, and the two cells begin to separate.
Step Six; Cytokinesis
This is the last phase. In this phase, the cells divide completely, and you have a brand new cell.
To Remember the Stages
Here is a way to remember the stages of cell division :

I Picked More Apples Than Cindy.

Cell division is the process that creates new cells. Today I will go over the stages of division.
Cell Division Stages
Rebekah Roper
7th Grade
Animation of Cell Division
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