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Why Rick Is The Best Physics Teacher Ever!

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Yang Yang Xu

on 26 January 2018

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Transcript of Why Rick Is The Best Physics Teacher Ever!

Rick will add 1-2% on to Yang Yang's Physics Mark!
Why Would Rick Want To Do That?
Yang Yang has learned so much about physics from Rick and will defiantly use it in her future
She has also learned to appreciate Physics over the course of this year because of Rick!
Therefore Rick should appreciate her gracious effort in his course by giving her an A!
Case 1: She Now Enjoys Physics
Case 2: She is Very Close to an A
Being this close to an A is sometimes painful, she wonders maybe if Rick should drop her grade down a couple percent so she knows it wouldn't have been possible to move up a grade letter

However she hopes that Rick doesn't do this and this presentation would convince him (the coolest physics teacher ever) to move her grade up
Case 3: She Loves Science!
Yang Yang hopes to study Science at the University of McGill this fall and this 1-2% will really help her through admissions

Given this opportunity Yang Yang may also be able to brush up her grade 9 French skills!
Why Rick Is The Best Physics Teacher Ever!
Because there will be three very convincing cases will be presented in the next 5 minutes!
Yang Yang

The End!

Thank you for listening and being the best physics teacher ever!
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