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Fast Tracks

Nottingham University Business School - Business Intelligence Assessment 2013/2014

Roberto Garrido

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Fast Tracks

"Implementing Information Systems for Car Dealers"
Business Intelligence
MBA 2013/2014

Business Intelligence
MBA 2013/2014

Problem Identified in Car Dealers

Complexity in using various IS plaftorms and Interconnection

High licensing fees

Software Installation and updates

Physical Server maintenance

Specialised IT personnel
Creating a Website
Web 2.0
Using the Cloud
Creating an unique platform which...

Using Software
as a Service (SaaS)

Protecting internal use features
Products & Services
Web Services
SEO and Analytics
Promoting in Social Media
Provides a new business channel accesible from computers and other devices such as Smartphones or Tablet PC's
Mobile Version
- Blog -
Mobile Version
- Online Store -
- Home -
Source: http://loyaltyandretention.com
Allows worldwide visibility and eliminates any geographic constraint
Eliminating physical servers in the company

Reduces costs of maintenance and personnel

Easily scalable depending on the capacity needed

Storages all the company's information and makes it accesible from anywhere through an Internet connection
Source: http://melagency.it
This area is restricted for only internal use

It requires a password to access
Promoting online the car dealer's products...

Creating a "Virtual Show Room" where customers are able to see the car and its details

Making easy to have more information by contacting the dealer

Enabling the customers to browse your products, their details and buy them Online

Attracting customers to the dealer's website with news and information of their interest...
Google Maps as a tool for customers to find the location
Paypal as an online payment platform
Integrating SaaS which provides:

Inventory Management

Invoicing and Reporting

Procurement Management

Customers & Employees Data Bases

Management Dashboard

Positioning the website with "SEO" tools (Search Engine Optimization)
Keeping the content up to date will provide good visibility in Search Engines

Using analytics to improve your businesss
Creation of an unique platform which...

Promotes the dealer's products worldwide - opens a new channel

Provides a tool to optimize the offer by analysing web statistic data

Reduces complexity of using IS by integrating SaaS, as well as reducing fees and expenses

Storages company's information accessible from any device and anywhere, at any time
Connects the company online with customers, prospects, suppliers...
Bhuvan Thapar 4216633
Bauyrzhan Bekbota 4210464
Yusuf Jamal Tajudeen 4123279
Roberto Garrido 4212952
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