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Where would I like to go project

No description

Hannah Jung

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Where would I like to go project

Walking Tour Project
Hannah Jung

Muckross House-Kerry, Ireland
Peterhof Place-St. Petersburg Russia
- Park of UNESCO
- Built as part of a Gothic-revival
- Modeled after Versailles in France.
- Only place where Peter the Great claimed he could relax.
- Captured by German troops in WW2.
- Monument to the fallen soldiers from WW2 onsite.
Idaho Potato Museum-Blackfoot, Idaho

- Founded in 1988
- First potato expo. held in the museum.
- Originally, a railroad depot from 1913.
- Center of Blackfoot.
- Placed on old railroad depot placed on historical sites list.

- Murano Glass Museum-Venezia, Italy

- Museum of Italian glass.
- Built like a gothic style building.
- Building once a place for bishops to stay.
- Founded in 1923
- Located by the water.

- Kensington Gardens- London, England

- Home of a once prosperous architect became bankrupt, sold it to a lord who rented it out to other people.
- Given to the county by the family
- 1,100 acres
- First national park of Ireland
- County expanded the land by buying through other people.

- Gregg's sausage roll, UK (snack)
- English breakfast, UK(breakfast food)
- Penne ala vodka, Italy(meal)
- Cheese blintz, Russia (appetizer)
- Struffoli, Italy (dessert)
Do's and Don'ts
Ireland- Do take pictures of the garden and park surrounding the area. Don't get to close to the artifacts and exhibits.
Russia- Do enjoy walking in the areas allowed. Don't bike in areas not allowed.
Idaho- Do walk around as long as you wish. Don't touch the exhibits.
Italy- Do take pictures. Don't walk to close the glass pieces.
England- Do enjoy yourself. Don't pick the flowers.
- Place where Peter Pan was invented.
- Considered the heart of London.
- Henry VIII established in 1538
- Started out as a simple garden and pond area
- Part of Hyde Park but split later on, as a request to Queen Caroline.
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