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Regina Woolridge

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Globalization

In 1947, Britain granted India independence. since then, many Indian citizens have immigrated to Britain, and specifically London. They did this in search of the job opportunities that come with the metropole, thus making the city diverse with Indian culture.
Group of Eight
The G8 contains the leaders of the largest economies in the world. Most of them are developed nations, but some are developing nations with large economies such as Russia. This group meets over the problems that the world is currently facing.
World Bank Symbol
The global economy was largely shaped by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The world bank gives loans to low-income nations in order to end poverty and hunger. the IMF stabelized the exchange rates between monetary systems to rebuild the payment system.
Religions Around the World
With cultural diversity and the increase of immigration came the spread of religion. Many citizens left countries that predominantly contained their religion in search of economic gain. Metropoles often contain many religions in one area.
8.06 H: SPRITE
Airplane Technology
Intellectual advances greatly increased globalization by bringing the world together. Airplane technology played a big part in it. Airplanes and the internet alike connect people globally, whether it's personal use or governmental use.
Globalization brought an increase in education. With the end of World War II, public school systems were placed in more countries. The quality of education was able to increase with the insertion of computers in schools.
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