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Professional Learning Journey

No description

Maria Sidiropoulos

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Professional Learning Journey

Living my Inquiry
Inquiry Question
How Does the Pull-Out Model of Learning Support Affect a Struggling Student's Academic Achievement and
How Did I Get Here:
Learning Journey
How Did I Get Here:
Perspectives I Brought
Future Pathways
Living my Inquiry Continued...
Student should feel safe to be themselves- to take risks and make mistakes
Students recognize that others learn at different rates and possess different strengths and weaknesses
Creating strong connections with students will in turn help maintain their interests and grown in academic and social pursuits
Creating student-teacher generated rubrics
My Learning Journey
Maria Sidiropoulos
Inquiry III

Classroom Significance:
Practicum Class: 15 of the 24 Grade 1 and Grade 2 students were pulled out for learning support in Reading and Writing
First-hand experience with pull-out model of learning support

affected by pull-out model:
Frustrated and confused
Less confident as a learner
Incorporating Visuals

Feeling Meter: Zones of Regulation
Incorporating a variety of assessments & mediums
Continue to stay up to date with research on this topic
Create a list of strategies supported by my research and by teachers views about how to make learning support a positive and rewarding experience for the student -> Essentially I hope to move forward by continuing to break the stigma associated with learning support
Reinforce teachers & schools to re-evaluate their current model of learning support
Teaching Philosophy
Reading Social-Emotional Books -> A Book Of Feelings by Jo Ritek, The Feelings Book
by Todd Parr, How to Grow a Friend by Sarah
Gillingham, The Dot and Ish

Connecting with the resource teachers
Consistently checking-in with struggling students
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