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Culture & disparity

No description

Kathleen Bruce

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Culture & disparity

Understanding Cultures in the U.S.
"Culture is a learned set of shared interpretation about beliefs, values, norms, and social practices, which affect the behaviors of a relatively large group of people." Lustig&Koester
Be aware that there are many definitions of culture.
The definition is considered a working definition, which is constantly changing and improving
Be AWARE of your prejudices.
First, take a few moments to write down on a clean sheet of paper prejudices that you currently have.
Second, watch the following 6min video.
1. Humans always categorize information, which includes others humans. This is referred to as social categorizing, which the brain does to comprehend stimuli.
2. Most people think that
others perceive, evaluate,
and reason about the
world like they do. This can
lead to ethnocentrism.
3. Categorizing based off of
assumptions can lead to
Stereotyping: using prior experiences as the basis for determining the categories and the attributes of a person or an event.

Ethnocentrism: Drawing on personal experiences to understand and evaluate (often judging) the motivation of others.

Be aware of these two harmful modes of thinking and manage them.
Cultural Diversity
-Is extremely important to maintain our global community in order to avoid group think and catastrophic decision making methods
-Write down, on same sheet as before, two instances that you either experienced or witnessed where multiple perspectives benefited a situation.
Culture & diversity
(Only need speakers for
the two videos)

Class Definition of Culture
There are two Youtube videos in this presentation
There is an extra credit assignment based on those videos at the end of this Prezi.
Third, write down ways you can manage your feelings on each of your prejudices
Importance of Cultural Diversity

1. Please watch entire 18min video
2. In one paragraph, on same sheet of paper, describe why cultural diversity is important in your own words.
Please type up what you wrote on the sheet of paper with all the comments and answers to the questions by next week in a private message to me on Canvas for 20 points extra credit
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