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Past tense

No description

Margarita Vega

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Past tense

Practiquemos lo aprendido
Traducir lo siguiente:
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1.- Yo estaba muy feliz en la fiesta.

2.- Mis amigos estaban atrasados.

3.- Kim no estaba ayer.
Revisemos más ejemplos
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Subject + was/were +Complement
Subject + wasn't/ weren't + Complement
Was/ Were + subject + complement?
Pasado simple del verbo To Be
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Past tense

Pronombres con sus verbos " TO BE" en pasado
When I was a baby
My sister was cute!!
We were good friends
They were my grandparents <3
This It was my first
costume :/
My father was
watermelon man
Completa los espacios
By Miss Vega ;)
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