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Denver South EDP 2012 Overview

Presentation to Board of Directors

Jake Rishavy

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Denver South EDP 2012 Overview

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Denver South EDP:
2012 Overview Global Promotion and Branding Public Policy Service We Renamed & Rebranded to position ourselves for a National and International Audience ... We Launched a Redesigned Website:
www.denversouthedp.org And a redesigned Monthly E-Newsletter ... We launched a new Social Media presence ... We revitalized our Partnership Meetings with a great new venue, attracting more than 400 attendees ... With other great presenters and industry thought leaders ... Transportation, in conjunction with SPIMD Economic Development We provided top-end service to site selectors and prospects, producing 8 major business announcements in 2012, which will result in 2006 jobs (anticipated)... February 23
Lauren Douglas – Director of Research, Newmark Knight Frank Frederick Ross
Travis Yee – Research Analyst, Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA)

May 31
Lauren Douglas – Director of Research, Newmark Knight Frank Frederick Ross
Robert Olislagers – Executive Director, Centennial Airport
Mike Fitzgerald – President & CEO Denver South EDP

October 11
Lauren Douglas – Director of Research, Newmark Knight Frank Frederick Ross
Dr. Robert McNown & Brian Lewandowski – Leeds Schools of Business, University of Colorado
February 2
Don Collins – VP, Pinnacol Assurance
Neil Westergaard – Editor, Denver Business Journal

April 5
Congressman Cory Gardner
Vic Ahmed – Founder, Innovation Pavilion
Jeffrey Pearl & John Scarborough – IP 5280/MegaPath

June 7
Robert Olislagers – Executive Director, Centennial Airport
Tim Messner – Blockbuster /DISH
Mike Fitzgerald – President and CEO, Denver South EDP

August 2
Mike Schiano – VP of Operations, Connextions
Dick Monfort - Chairman, Colorado Economic Development Commission & Owner/Chairman/CEO, Colorado Rockies
Bruce Benson – President, University of Colorado

October 4
Rich Kylberg – VP of Corporate Communications, Arrow Electronics
Ralph Caster – EVP & CFO, Cabelas
Floyd Ciruli – Pollster & Political Analyst Featuring high-profile presenters in 2012 ... Comcast – Communications company in Arapahoe County.
Special note: Comcast has added 960 new jobs in DSEDP region in past two years.
126 jobs anticipated. January 2012

*TriZetto – Health Care IT company, building new world headquarters in Douglas County.
750 jobs anticipated. April 2012

Blockbuster / DISH – Communications company in Douglas County.
150 jobs anticipated. April 2012

*National Bank Holding (NBH) – Financial services company in Greenwood Village is relocating executive offices to Colorado. 50 jobs anticipated. May 2012.

Connextions - Customer Contact Center for insurance health care company in Centennial.
550 jobs anticipated. June 2012

* Star Tek - Financial Services company moved headquarters to Greenwood Village.
95 (65 relocated positions and 30 new hires) jobs anticipated. June 2012.

Hitachi Data Systems – IT company expanding Colorado operations to Meridian International Business Center in Douglas County. 240 jobs anticipated. October 2012.

Community Power – Manufacturing facility for modular bioenergy systems in Compark in Douglas County. 45 new jobs anticipated. October 2012. And we launched and important new Industry Cluster Initiative... We provided leadership on Strategic Initiatives & Projects... We strengthened our networks ... We supported Urban Land Institute's Fall Conference ... (Sponsored Breakout Session, Mobile Tour via Light Rail and an Opening Reception attended by 5000 attendees...) We collaborated with partners and RTD to work towards a mutually agreeable resolution to FasTracks completion. With our regional partners at the Common Sense Policy Roundtable, the Metro Denver EDC and the Denver Metro Chamber, we began exploring a Dynamic Modeling concept to provide legislators with a better tool to project the impacts of legislation on the business community. Along with the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and the Denver Business Journal, we co-hosted a Forum for legislative candidates ... And we hosted a series of informational meetings to advocate for water solutions for the South Metro region. We supported issues vital to the future of the aerospace and aviation industries, which are among Denver South's biggest assets. And we increased the focus on our Real Estate Council ... With our transportation partners... With our Economic Development partners... With our public policy partners... With industry associations... And most importantly, with our local jurisdictions and partners... All while building a first-class team of economists, consultants and industry experts... Patty Silverstein, President, Development Research Partners (Economic Clusters)
Ben Wright, CEO, Atlas Advertising (Branding/Marketing)
Pete Kirchoff, President, Kirchoff Group (Lobbyist)
Patrick Holwell, Workforce Economist, ADWorks! (Workforce)
David Lung, President, DA2 Consulting (Aerospace)
Phil McCready, President, Innovation Economics (Digital Health)
Vic Ahmed, President, Innovation Pavilion (Digital Health)
April Rasmussen, President, Triangle Print Media It's been a BIG YEAR At Denver South EDP We launched the new brand at a highly successful Annual Luncheon in May to crowd of over 500 business leaders and elected officials ... We exceeded our performance goals: 2011
Direct Jobs Created Goal: 1,000
Actual Direct Jobs Added: 1,122
Actual Total Added Earnings: $211,206,929

Direct Jobs Created Goal: 1500
Actual Direct Jobs Added: 2,273
Actual Total Added Earnings: $374,822,870 Through the South I-25 TMA and SPIMD, we cooperated in investment of $8,251,880, leveraging public investment for a total of $64,059,542 of total infrastructure investment. We staged and executed the most successful Bike to Work day to date in June... And we launched the Million Mile Challenge to encourage increased transit ridership... And we also... Are under contract to complete light rail shelters by 2/1/13
Held a record number of transit fairs and employee consultations
Participated in the creation of a DRCOG/TMA joint operating agreement and $80,000 annual funding
Completed the "Last Half Mile" Study We worked with Pete Kirchoff, our contract lobbyist, alongside other partner organizations to advocate for business interests at the state legislature... And we participated in an RTD Sustainability Task Force. Hosted a visiting Chinese delegation
Played a key role in the Metro Denver EDC's Site Selector Conference
Participated in the Colorado Companies to Watch program
Attended Aurora EDC's Accelerate Colorado trip
And, participated in the DRCOG TAC Committee And now we're turning our focus toward ... 2013 With some Big Goals: Jobs Created: 2500+

Investment and Payroll: $1 Billion And a long list of projects: Initiate targeted industry recruitment
Raise Denver South EDP visibility with site selectors
Complete Aerospace cluster analysis and create industry expansion strategy
Continue to develop Denver South EDP data and analytics
Further develop PrIME Health Collaborative and initiatives
Initiate national recruitment strategy (California)
Initiate strategy to promote investment in Colorado and Denver South by VCs, hedge funds, sovereign funds, etc.
Continue Refining Denver South EDP message and collateral
Continue to advocate for solutions to tough policy questions including ballot reform, FasTracks and infrastructure financing (Metro RTA, C-470, etc.)
Explore strategy for recruiting national research university
Develop expansion strategy for Engineering industry cluster And (another) long list of projects: Collaborate with jurisdictions in DRCOG TIP applications
Open light rail shelters
Develop a plan to implement cost effective last half mile solutions
Develop a plan to maximize grant funding from DRCOG and RTD
Explore additional grant opportunities Thank You Questions? Including a successful Denver Digital Health Summit that drew more than 150 digital health thought leaders to the Lone Tree Arts Center... And put us back in the news at the state level.... And here locally, with mentions in 9 local publications ... On Facebook... On Twitter... And on LinkedIn... Which is working to establish Denver as a national leader in digital health technology. To establish ourselves as Colorado's Corporate Capital Mission:

Building a foundation for sustainable economic prosperity in a globally competitive environment.

Economic development
Public Policy
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