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No description

Jayce Antrum

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Portugal

Portugal General Facts about Portugal Capital: Lisbon Language: Portuguese Currency: Euro Area in sq. miles: 30,556 Religion: Roman Catholic Population: 10.8 million Portugal's Greeting Customs Greeting is an important part of Portugal's culture, as the person who arrives first is expected to greet first
Some greetings are Olá (Hello), Bom Dia (Good day) and Boa Tarde ( Good Night) Portuguese Family's In Portugal there is a certain type of family which is called a nuclear family.
Nuclear family's usually tend to be in rural areas and usually extend to aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
Children only move out when they marry and are expected to take care of their parents when they are elderly.
The husband is the authority in the family, although wives have equal responsibility, however they still tend to do most of the housework. Eating Habits The Portuguese take time to have a conversation at dinner
They eat fork in left hand, knife in the right
It is important to have your hands above the table at all times, also do not stretch as these are both considered disrespectful
Lunch the biggest meal, usually consists of soup and some type of meat or fish Healthcare The government has healthcare
The National health system provides many hospitals and clinics, although they are high in demand and service is not very good
In 2001, Portugal passed a law that let people caught with small amounts of illegal drugs go to a special commission instead of jail Places to visit Castelo de São Jorge is an old hilltop fortress towering over Lisbon, the capital
Cathedral is Portugal's oldest church and is mixed with different building styles and architectural buffs. Holidays Some holiday are New Years (Jan 1st), Easter, Anniversary of the Revolution (Apr 25), Labor Day (May 1st),Corpus Christi (In June), National Day of Portugal (10 June), Assumption (15 Aug.), Proclamation of the Republic (5 Oct.), All Saints' Day (1 Nov.), Independence Day (1 Dec.), Day of the Immaculate Conception (8 Dec.), and Christmas
All saints day is a day to commemorate dead friends and family usually by visiting there graves. Dating And Marriage Most people get married between age 25 and 28
It is common to have kids between 35 and 40
Urban couples live together before they get married although they don't practice this in rural parts Climate The climate is usually cool and rainy although summers tend to be warm also, it is warmer in the southern part because of the Mediterranean sea. Works Cited "Portugal." Culture Grams. © 2013 ProQuest LLC and Brigham Young University,
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By: Jayce Antrum
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